Thursday, March 10, 2011

sagada day1: pots, lake and then some

baguio: short side trip is short

Been helluva busy person lately {as if that's something new}. I have so many things to blog about. First, our Sagada trip. It FINALLY pushed through, thank heavens. Next, my successful carbonara for my father's birthday. It tasted like real carbonara this time, I deserve a star! Teehee. And then there's my swimming lessons. Tiring but fulfilling. Apparently, I do not have so much of time in my hands right now, so let me kick this off first with my Sagada Trip.

This post actually is better titled, Ang Naipilit na Sagada Trip. We've been planning this trip back from God knows when. Money have been saved, leaves have been filed and outfits have been thought about {no violent reactions please, maarte talaga ko!} Needless to say, our first attempt failed. Salamat sa mga kaibigang mapang-backout! Chos! =) Obviously, we made it with our second try. FINALLY, SAGADA!

Bilang umaambisyon din ako na balang araw maging travel blog ito, I'll give you the details of our transpo and accommodation...

...after checking out Sheena's blog and asking Lelai, here are the details. =)

For our transpo, we rented a van, an Adventure to be exact. It's worth two thousand per day exclusive of gas and toll fees. Our driver was Kuya Lando and he was accompanied by the owner of the van, Kuya Edgar. We spent around 18k for our transpo, that's 8k van rental for four days, 7k worth of gas and toll fees, our driver's food and accommodation and for the car wash {it's badly needed}. If you want to get their services, type Van Rental [space] Destination [space] # of days and send to 4627. Hahaha! :))) Kidding. Can't post their contact numbers yet. Hindi pa ata sila official van rentals.

the adventure is on for some adventure

For our accommodation, we stayed at Kanip-aw. We actually do not have any reservation. Tapang lang? Good thing we were able to contact Kuya Oscar while we were on our way to Sagada. He provided us with a newly built house complete with four rooms, two bathrooms {one for the shower, one for the toilet}, a sink just outside the bathrooms, a dining table and a fireplace {or ihawan if you prefer it that way}. That's for 25ophp per night per person. You can give him a ring at 09266092960.

shared this bed with Sheena and Silin, sikiipp! =P

And because we were not so definite that our Sagada Trip will push through, aside from the fact that we didn't have any reservation for our accommodation, we didn't have an itinerary as well. Kamooown! We only had print-outs of itineraries copied from different blogs and a print-out of the famous Sagada Map. What we did was to decide every night what will be the activities for the next day. Well, it worked. We're pretty satisfied of how we spent each day in that far away land.

For day 1, after the 13-hr butt numbing ride to Sagada, first thing we had to do was to register at the municipal hall. For security reasons I guess, in case you get lost somewhere. Not that you'd ever want that to happen. But Registration fee is 20php per person.

eh ano naman kung nakapayong ako?!

Then we headed to Kanip-aw. Anobaaa, konting pahinga at ligo naman jan. Haha! Then merienda at Lemon Pie House. We ordered Egg Pie and Lemon Pie for 170php each. I enjoyed their wi-fi more than their lemon-fi. Sorry guys.

trying hard picture in front of LPH

egg pie or lemon pie? IDK

Next stop was Sagada Pottery, where you'll see, uhhm.. well.. pots? For 100php, ate showed us how to create one. Kaloka, mahirap pala.

warm, welcome, eh?

pots ba kamo?

good job ate, you got me admiring all your hard work

Then we hurried to Lake Danum for sunset viewing. Apparently, we got lost. Can you please blame Kuya Oscar for not accompanying us? Haha! Kidding. =) And yes, you guessed that right. We were not able to see the sunset at Lake Danum. Still, the view was picture worthy. So alam na.

I can almost imagine a crocodile comin out, eeep!

meet my travel buddies

For dinner we decided to eat at Yoghurt House. It's famous like that so a Sagada Trip will never be complete without trying that one out. The hearsays are true, their service is indeed slow but the wait is really worth it. I shared chicken stew, carbonara and strawberry yoghurt with Jun. Their carbonara is to die for. One day I'll be able to cook carbonara as good as theirs. Yadda yadda, dream on!

Yoghurt House, home of the yummiest carbonara

starving but still smiling, artistahin much?

yumeeeh =)

And lastly, in the friggin cold night we took our bath to prepare ourselves for the next day. Muntik ko nang sambahin ang heater. Hahaha! :)))

**credits go to Silin, Lelai, Jen and Jun's cameras + whoever took the pictures



Tsina said...

Napatawa ako, ah. =p

Nako, ipakita mo lahat ng outfits mo sa trip natin. =)

Sa susunod ulit na trip. =))

Apple Borbon said...

lagi ka na lng natatawa. hahaha! planuhin na ang next trip. =)

istapegi said...

at dahil walang nagcocomment maxado d2 sa blogs mo ay magcocoment na din ako haha!! (joke!) galing mo magkwento miss, tama (halos) lahat ng grammar.. at nakakatawa un pagkwento, to be fair, me future ka sa "kikay blogging".. thumbs up! :)

Apple Borbon said...

hangyabang moooo.. newbie ako oh! hahaha! :)) ska ndi dn kasi ko mhilig magbasa at magcomment sa blog ng iba. self-centered much?! nang-uto ka pa! nakalimutan mu atang hindi effective sa kin yan. =P