Saturday, June 11, 2011

spur-of-the-moment kind of thing

One last for summer. Yes, I promise. Something really spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment, or however you want to call it. :D

I was on vacation leave right after our Galera trip. I actually filed that two-day leave even before we had that trip planned. I am lucky like that. Sakto pahinga.. pero akala ko lang pala.

We were just having a lazy, almost-boring Monday afternoon when suddenly we thought of going swimming to the nearest resort, Patio Isabel. But since it's already late, we decided to go the next day. No preparations were made. Bahala na si Batman.

The next day, we're off to Patio Isabel. We didn't bring anything with us. Oh well, aside from our personal things, of course. I just ordered pizza for everyone in the morning and Kuya Ga bought Andok's for us in the afternoon. Solve na. 

bigatin ;)

Nothing really huge but we had fun definitely. Especially with bida {referring to my niece *wink*} around. No dull moments. And suddenly, I miss her. I wanna hug and pinch and kiss her. Good thing I'll be home tomorrow. Oops, what was this entry all about again? Teeheee.

bida and her talents

I'd say this "small-time" swimming was way more tiring than Galera. 'Cos in the beach you don't really get to swim as much. You'll be busy preserving your decent look for photo-ops {please don't kill me if this doesn't apply to everyone}. But in swimming pools, you won't even bother doing the same. You'll just swim and swim until your lungs hurt. Haha!

until our last strength

And when finally our lungs, along with our arms and legs, couldn't bear it any longer, we decided to head home. We had few more clicks as we wait for our ride home. Girls will always be girls, ang aarte nila. :P

ang aarte. kainis.

So there, that was my short but sweet story. Up next are my bucket list updates. I am so excited to share with you my Balaw Balaw experience. But geez, not tonight. Zzzz.



Anonymous said...

ang cute ng mga picture.. swimming to the max.. hehe!

hello apple.

Furree Katt said...

everyone looks so prettyyyy! ♥
i can't swim :O

Unknown said...

sounds fun. That also happens a lot in my family unexpected nearby resort get away.

Janel said...

Fun Fun! I agree with what you said about beach vs pool. LOL. My hubby & baby girl LOVE swimming @ the beach. I usually just stay under my beach umbrella taking photos of them. hehe.


Apple Borbon said...

@mommy-razz. last na po yan for summer. :D

@furree katt. thanks! i can't swim well too.

@mayen. yep, it was. it'll always be fun with your family. <3

@janel. haha! thanks! good thing someone agrees.