Sunday, June 5, 2011

summer's last hoorah, galera

Backloooog, yikes! It's almost rainy season and I'm still blogging about summer's awesomeness.

I was in Galera mid-May with my teammates. 'Twas originally tagged as a teambuilding activity but being tagged as one made it next to impossible due to security policies so we said it's going to be personal and there's nothing they can do about it. Bleeh. >:p

Moving on, we chose Tamaraw Beach Resort over White Beach Resort. Definitely the wisest idea for a bunch of people who wish nothing else but to unwind. The latter is rather crowded with party people. I should know, I was there two years ago.

back in 2009, kaputian days :((

To get there, we took Jam transit from Taft. It only took us around two hours to reach Batangas Port. Depending on the traffic {and your fortune}, this bus ride can be as long as three hours. From there, we had to ride a ferry to Tamaraw Beach. The ferry ride felt longer than the bus ride. It took as roughly three hours I guess. Unless, I was just that bored to have felt like that.

As we arrive in Galera, those who chose to stay in White Beach were dropped off first. Only our group was left in the ferry by then. No wonder White Beach is that crowded.

special trip to Tamaraw Beach :D

After we had lunch, we waited for 2pm to be accommodated. We really planned to get there ahead of our reservations because we were informed that as soon as our rooms get vacant {and cleaned, of course} we can use them already. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. We had quite a long idle time.

Then finally we were able to freshen up and get dressed for the beach. As usual, photo-ops first before anything else. Again, I owe my OOTD shots to ate Pholet. :*

left: goin' there, right: beach get-up

ku-yu-ey gels, doing what they do best

I wasn't able to join them go swimming instantly because it was my time of the month. Malas lang diba? I only got to swim during the night so for me the trip was kind of bitin. I was hoping that we'd still get the chance to swim the next morning but turned out we had to get ready early to catch our ferry ride back to Batangas.

Morning came and we were ready to leave the beach life behind. While waiting for our ride, we had our obligatory group picture. Our official photog, Jabey, was finally in action again but we only had few shots since it was hot already. We opted to stay in the cottage.

our obligatory group shot

It took around an hour before our ferry came. But I am most thankful for that waiting time because that was when I felt like a real beach bum. I just lied in the massage bed, watched the sea and felt the breeze.

beach buummiiinnggg ♥

...and then the ferry came. and then my Galera story ends. Teehee. Biglang inantok. Phhbtt!



Anonymous said...

wow ang sexy ni apple.. hehe!

first time kong marining ang tamaraw beach na yan.. ehehe! nice beach.

Unknown said...

I've been to white beach several times and I agree that it can be too crowded on summer days. I am waiting for you to tell us if the beach on Tamaraw is better than white beach. I heard the rest of the island in puerto have rocky beaches except for white beach. is that true? or tamaraw beach is fantastic?

anyway, your outfit rock the summer again. I love you're style. Keep it up apple. :)

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

You all look amazing! :D It looks so much fun!

Apple Borbon said...

@mommy-razz. thanks po! salamat din sa pagbisita. :D

@mayen. ooopps! wasn't able to compare them nga noh? haha! medyo rocky nga yung shore sa tamaraw. pero i can't remember na yung sa white beach. hihi. pero with the view and the entire feel of the place, i'd go for tamaraw.

and thanks btw. medyo nag-effort lang this summer :)))

@jodie-ann. it was fun, really. thanks! ;)

Akoni said...

summer na summer nga dito sa blog mo..hehe..ang saya!

MD said...

Ang daming gala! kaw na! ganda talaga sa galera!

Ellen ♥ said...

Wow naman.. Sexy apple! :)

I•AM•JOOL said...

Wow Apple! :) ganda naman dyan :) U really had fun :)

Shobi said...

Agree with ellen..

Apple Borbon said...

@akoni. oo nga eh. sorry, dame backlog.

@md. ako na. me already! haha! :P

@ellen and shobi. thanks so much. :)

@jool. yep, we really had fun.