Friday, June 24, 2011

full on father's day

Work-life balance, where art thou? :(

I've been preoccupied with work. Today, I spent 12 hours in the office. 11 busy hours, 1 hour for lunch. I live such an exciting life, gah! But I don't want to go on a blog hiatus so here I am, trying to sneak with a quick post. I just thought of sharing how we spent Father's Day.

We were so creative to have thought of dining out {felt the sarcasm? haha!}. We went to TriNoma for Kamay Kainan's Buffet. It was worth P298 per head. Eat all you can plus bottomless iced tea. The food was good but not too impressive. The place isn't conducive neither as it was jam-packed. What do you expect on a Father's Day?

Me and my sister had a hard time paying for the bill because my father was insisting that he'd be the one to pay for it. Anobeee, treat nga namin dba papi? :D At the end, we won! Pinagbigyan lang I guess, because no one really wins over him. He's the most mapilit dad one will ever have. 

We didn't had time to do anything else aside from eating as it was late already.  After all, we all wanted to go home as we were so full. We were home by around 11. Short rest and then off to a goodnight sleep. Buuurrp! 

we ate until we can't hardly breathe

somewhere in TriNoma

aka, a note to the father
Happy Father's Day again Papi. Thanks for everything. You and mama were able to bring up such an awesome family and that will always be my first reason for feeling so blessed.  I wish us years and years of happiness. I love you. ♥

Salamat nga din po pala sa hindi katangusang ilong at hindi kagandahang height na pinupunan naman ng tapang ng loob at saktong bilang ng braincells. Nagmamahal, kamukamo. :D



Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Awwn! Happy belated Father's Day to your dad :)
It looks like you had fun. :D I love going out to eat and feeling obese after. *Sigh*

Akoni said...

Ang saya lang ng bonding niyo...napaisip tuloy ako, kahit ba ang huling bonding namin ng parents ko??? ang tagal na siguro, kasi hindi ko na maalala.. nalungkot me.

anyway, ayaw ko sa isang eat all you can na resto...hehe..di kasi ako makakontrol..hehe

Anonymous said...

belated happy father's day sa papi mo..

'He's the most mapilit dad one will ever have' natawa ako jan, pasaway pa kamo sila.. hehe

Eagleman said...

Beleted Happy Fathers Day to ur Dad! ^_^ much much! hehe

Furree Katt said...

awww, this was so sweet! and it's great that you paid the bill haha. every dad deserves a special treat on Father's Day. hurray for eating sooo much!

anney said...

Happy belated fathe's day sa Tatay mo. I haven't tried Kamay Kainan's buffet. Affordable namn pala. Hope to try one day.

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

Buti ka pa, you were able to spend the special day with your dad. ganyan talaga mga tatay, treat mo na nga eh, gusto pang makipagunahan sa bayaran, hehehe =)

Don't work too hard ok? tc =)

Apple Borbon said...

@jodie-ann. thanks! and yes, i felt obese after that. :)

@akoni. paghandaan mo na lang ang bonggang bonding nyo in the future. :D

@mommy-razz. thanks po. pasaway nga po, matigas ulo! haha!

@xan gerna. thanks much much. ;)

@furree katt. he actually deserves more than that. but it's the most we can offer. teehee.

@anney. yep, go try it. thanks for dropping by. i followed you. :D

@kalokang pinay. wala pong choice eh. busy days. :( hope you get to be with your dad soon.

Unknown said...

wow.. happy father's day to your dad. I know i'm really late. I was MIA these past weeks.

Apple Borbon said...

@mayen. thanks! i understand. work must be getting your life too. haha! :)