Thursday, July 21, 2011

messed up no more

Look who's back! Haha! I've been a bad blogger. I feel so messed up since July started hence so uninspired to write. Work almost took the life of me, I had to work for 12 or more hours a day for about two weeks. By the end of the second week, I am literally sick. I wasted the weekends getting decent rest and sleep. And I wasted the Monday after that by taking a sick leave and getting more rest. Work got piled up and other responsibilities {cleaning my room, fixing my closet, etc.} were left undone. Now, who wouldn't feel messed up? #endrant

The good thing is.. I filed a week-long vacation leave several months ago and it started last Monday. Yep, Monday. But is only now that I got inspired to blog. I guess I no longer feel messed up. Dapat lang. I already spent five days cleaning and fixing things in my rooms {at home and in the apartment}. I also went mall hopping to accomplish my "to buy" list. From laptop accessories, to my own accessories, to the needs of my closet, to make-ups, to toiletries, to new DVDs.. I can go on and on.

mickey mouse laptop sleeve, cuteness :D

girly girly laptop decals

Aside from my "to buy" list, I also have this "to do" list that got longer because of how busy I was. That includes having some clothes and shoes repaired, getting my clothes from the laundry shop, bringing home excess stuff from the apartment.. and have I mentioned cleaning my room and fixing my closet? Wheew!

can't get enough of them

because I missed wearing make-up

Now I have few more days to.. uhmm.. blog? I still have to do a bucket list update, which by the way I wasn't able to complete before turning 25. Epic Fail. But I promise to complete them at least WHILE I'm 25. Hahaha!

Got to go! I wonder what's for breakfast. :D



Janel said...

Finally! NAbuhay ka hehe. I LOVE the laptop decal ^_^. Glad to see that you're ok now!

Pen Ginez said...

cool stuffs..^^

Love Joice said...

Following you back, thank you xx Joice

Furree Katt said...

the laptop sleeve is SOOOO cute! ♥
glad to see you back :D

Tsina said...

Where did you get the laptop decal? :D

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Cool stuff!!! :D

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

Work talaga o, panira na sa social life panira pa sa pagboblog! Hehe
Glad to hear you're feeling better. And i bet the shopping therapy helped. I love the laptop sleeves, super cute =)
take care xoxo

Sey said...

I'm a bad blogger too. Busy and lazy jive together.

Though you were not able to accomplish everything before 25, at least you've done something worthwhile and you have the rest of your life to do everything you want.

Jlo said...

So cute! I can't get enough of Mickey too ;D Very cute & lovely earrings <3


anney said...

Ang cute naman ng mga earrings! I specially love the studded slippers!

Unknown said...

awww.. i missed you! I also had a week long vacation, I had to I am also to tired of working. Anyway, the mickey mouse laptop sleeve is superb. I love mickey mouse..I also use fanny serano's concealer hehe..

Apple Borbon said...

@janel. thanks janel! love it too. so girly. ;)

@renz. thanks! they made me feel better.

@love joice. thanks for following.

@furree katt. thank you. :D

@tsina. CDR king. :P

@jodie-ann. thanks! love them. <3

@kalokang pinay. retail therapy made me feel better. social life na lang kulang. :P

@sey. thanks you! glad to hear from you again.

@jlo. thanks for visiting. followed you.

@anney. thank you. i like the flower more, though. ;)

@mayen. enjoy your vacay! mine is almost over. :s