Saturday, July 2, 2011

why just now..

...that I learned to love watching movies?

Obviously, this is for the love of my bucket list again {which by the way, i won't be able to finish on time. sue me!}. Goal # 23 says Watch good movies. I put it there because I know I'm really not into watching movies and that I've been missing a lot already.

Having said that, I had to force myself to do something towards the completion of this goal.  With force, I mean I had to drag myself to St. Francis to buy DVDs and learn how to download through Vuze. I didn't even  know something like that ever existed.

So with the combined power of pirated DVDs {oops!} and downloadable DVD rips i finally got a copy of  my all time favorite movies - So Close and Now and Then, and two movies I've been wanting to watch {just because they're popular} - Avatar and Kimmy Dora.
And with that I mean upcoming good movies and famous flicks from the past which I missed watching {for heaven's sake, why}. I'm really not much of a movie-goer, it just gets worse when a certain movie I missed watching suddenly becomes the talk of the town. Oh dear, I can remember Avatar. How it inched its way to the charts with me having no plans of watching it. Few days {or weeks, I dunno} after, every single bus I flop myself into has that movie in their television screens. Either I wasn't able to watch from the beginning or was not able to watch it until the end. Not to mention they have bad audio and video. So, even being able to almost watch it for like four or five times, I hella have zero understanding of the story. I can only remember green alien-looking creatures. Aside from Avi {Avatar, that is}, I also have Kimmy Dora in mind. Call me a loser but I did not get to watch it. Everyone was talking about it then. Repeating funny lines and laughing at the craziest scenes. I have yet to figure out if I was on Earth while it was selling like pancakes on the cinemas {wacha think?}. And speaking of good movies, I would also love to be a bedbug on weekends to watch again, for the nth time, movies like Now and Then and So Close. The latter being the only movie that made me cry, EVER. Urggh, I'm saying too much. Enough! 
Surprisingly, I didn't stop after I was able to get what I originally intended to. I learned to love it as a past time I guess. Another good way to prevent myself from shopping aside from blogging, of course. I've been spending weekends for movie marathons, this weekend included. And if you haven't discovered, movies go best with MSG! Chips and dips, if you don't get what I mean. Hahaha!

just the right amount of MSG intake :P

too bad the baby munched on them too

And oh, before I end this random movie post, let me just share I finally have my favorite foreign actress in the form of Jennifer Aniston. I realized I like her while watching He's Just Not That Into You. I totally love the way she talks and the way she moves, sooo gorgeous. I've also seen Just Go With It. Yet again touched with the movie as it deals with the family. Any other Jennifer Aniston movie you'd suggest?



Eagleman said...

Jennifer Aniston? wow crush ko yun! hehe..

Try to wathc the bounty Hunter and Love Happens ^_^

thats if you havent wathed it ^_^ hehe

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Aniston? I lvoe her, too!! Hmm.. how about "The Bountr Hunter".. "The Switch".."Marley and Me".. "Rumor Has It".. and of course, "Bruce Almighty".. :)

Mabuti ka pa, andami mo nang nagagawa sa bucketlist mo. Ako, ewan.. andami pang hindi. LOL..

Good day!

Nadsky said...

congrats! haha nakarelate ako.. 2 consecutive weekends na din akong nagmomovie marathon.. Ok din gawin once in a while.. Lalo na kung puro office work or outdoor activities din akong nagmomovie marathon.. Ok din gawin once in a while.. Lalo na kung puro office work or outdoor activities

Akoni said...

auhhmmm hindi ko masyado natapos basahin..ang liit ata ng font, lalo na nakahighlights..sorry naman, mahina mata ko..hehe

Aiza said...

Two thumbs up for another strikethrough in your bucket list! :) I have one on Have you tried that site? Anyway, yes, chick flicks are like little get-happy dozes. I like Jennifer, too. I was never Team Angelina anyway. Lol.

And I want the chips and dips, too! One cute movie is coming up: Monte Carlo. I wish I could watch that in theaters. I heart Leighton a bit more than too much. Haha. And wanna watch Transformers, too! Yay!

Tsina said...

Wow. Love ko din ang He's Just Not That Into You and Just Go With It. Kakilig, eh. :D

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...


Unknown said...

I love watching movies. I have to watch one or two every week. I also downloaded movies.. I am also a fan of jennifer aniston. Try to watch Bounty Hunter, it's good. I can't think of anything else right now but I let you know once i did. enjoy your movie marathon. Can you pass me some of those chips.. yum yum.. :)

Anonymous said...

matagal na kong hnd nakaka pag movie marathon.. haha! busy lang.. tama anak ko (akoni) ang liit ng font mo.. idol ko din si miss Aniston..

D said...

She is just adorable!!!

anney said...

I don't really get to watch TV siguro news lang at kung may time e showbiz tsika lang. I got to love watching movies I downloaded online. Dami ko nga naka line up na papanoorin. At syempre gusto ko din may chips and dip while watching!

Donna said...

Congrats on another strike through on your bucket list! I adore your blog so I will definitly check back to read more of your posts! I wish you all the luck in the world with it, (although I am sure you don't need it).

You are incredibly beautiful by the way!

All the best,

Love Joice said...

Your little girl look so adorable! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

Oh i love movies! Dito hindi masyado kasi apart from it being way to pricey eh ang pangit ng moviehouse! But I do try to catch up on Bluray. At syempre, nothing beats a good movie & crisps!
It's gonna be a rainy weekend here, so makapag-movie marathon nga din! =)

Apple Borbon said...

@xan gerna. thanks! currently downloading love happens.

@leah. sad to say, hindi ko siya nacomplete before turning 25. goodluck on your bucket list.

@nadsky. nasan na ang blog moooo!? haha! salamat sa pagdaan, maski nahilo ako sa comment mo.

@akoni. sorry, zoom mo na lang. control+ haha! :P

@miss 'chievous. checked out the site. coooll! haven't heard of monte carlo but I saw transformers.

@tsina. mahilig talaga sa nakakakilig, teh?

@jodie-ann. yay, thanks!

@mayen. bounty hunter is next in line. download download.

@mommy-razz. sorry po sa maliit na font. :P try to allot time for movie marathon, pampatagal stress po.

@daphne. ikr, i love her. <3

@anney. cheers to movie addicts. more chips and dips for us.

@voe. thanks! i still need good luck though.

@love joice. she's my niece. i followed you, btw.

@kalokang pinay. i hope you enjoyed your rainy movie marathon weekend.