Monday, November 7, 2011

october was..

..accessory shopping month. Hahaha! Forever 21 accessories at that. ;) Now I am sooo broke. The next pay day should come quick because November will be bag shopping month. Someone save me from this addiction. Haha! :))

one Friday night I got all these..

..and some more pahabol :P

and oopps.. I know I owe your blogs a visit - plus some blog award responsibilities on the side.  I'll make it up to everyone as soon as I get my life all figured out. I'm dazed, I'm confused, I'm getting crazzeeeh. I may not look like it but I am. I can never hate you enough, QLC.



Tsina said...

Grabe, teh! Retail therapy?

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Wow! These are so nice! :O

Aiza said...

Wow! I miss shopping! Those are so cuteee! :) Hope you figure your life out. I'm confused as well, but I'm seeing the light. Ahaha. Miss you, apple! :) Take care!

Unknown said...

damn, I miss shopping for accessories. I've been over confident that i can do any kind of accessories that it prevents me from buying some. it helps though. But your finds are totally awesome. :)

I missed you btw. :)

anney said...

Huwawww dami nyan ah! Nagpunta ka ba nung nag sale? dami tao grabe!

Apple Borbon said...

@tsina. yes te, parang ganun na nga. :P

@jodie-ann. thanks. :)

@miss c. i really hope so. i'm happy that you're seeing the light already. i miss you and your blog too. :D

@mayen. thanks mayen. i just dropped you a line in your fun and fabulous blog. i'm back to visiting your blogs. yey! :)

@anney. nope. i once went to their sale at hindi na yun mauulit. haha! stressful ang dami ng tao and long lines and in the end, hindi rin onsale yung nabili ko. >.<