Sunday, November 20, 2011

a taste of apple: undas edition

Blogger Apple, reporting for duty again. Hahaha! Just because I'm currently here at NSO waiting in vain for my queue.  In fairness naman, I arrived here at 8:3o and I'm in Step 3 na. I might teach you how to do this NSO thing in the future. Or should I teach how to do dougie na lang? Hahaha! :)))

Anyway, here's a photo dump of how we spent our Undas 2011. 10.30 - Manila Memorial Park (Father's Side) and 11.06 - Sanctuario de Paz (Mother's Side). We were supposed to be in Sanctuario 10.29 kaso epic fail.

Manila Memorial Park

First Picture. The kids in action. Only two were really working there. Two were fakers. Fakeeeers! Haha!

Second Picture. Maipilit lang ang family collage. 

Third Picture. Fooling around. Look at how much my brother tried to carry her big ate but to no avail.  #heavyweights 

Fourth Picture. Bida Moment. This is the first time she ever visited the cemetery and she was so fond of the flowers. As cute as ever! ♥

Fifth picture. Family picture yet again. Credits to Ate Gina. :)

Sanctuario de Paz

First Picture. Gandang Abadilla. Booo! Hahaha!

Second Picture.  PJ moment, my poging nephew.

Third Picture. Nanay and Tatay with their beautiful girls. Charot!

And as I publish this, I'm home already. Thanks to my charm for helping me claim my birth certificate. Hahaha! :))

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Cordovajimdel said...

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anney said...

Kakatuwa namn how the kuya try to carry the big ate! hehehe! Buti di natumba.

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Oh wow this is so cool! I love looking at your pictures :D They're so nice!!!