Sunday, October 16, 2011

what's in my huge bag?

..or better titled 'what makes my bag darn heavy?'

See the gigantic bag below? That's my current everyday slash pangharabas bag. Ain't it huge? And to make things worse, I am such a midget! Haha! :)) I usually receive unsolicited comments like "ang laki naman ng bag mo" or "para kang nagbabakasyon". You don't understand, people. I have a long list of can't-live-without stuff at kapag nawala sila, mamamatay ako {weh?}.

my ever reliable Penshoppe bag

To begin with, that mother bag contains baby bags. It has a bag organizer, kikay kit, dental kit, gadgets kit and wallet.

baby bags

Now the bag organizer keeps the stuff below.  These are crucial. I feel impaired without them. Let's get a rundown, shall we?


  • tissue, in all forms possible - the dry ones, the wet ones, and fem wipes of course
  • sanitary pads - for emergency purposes
  • meds - biogesic, alaxan, kremil-s, dolfenal, and diatabs {girl scout much?}
  • band-aids - for unforgiving new pairs of shoes, for cuts, scratches and hangnails {you know  how blood and wounds drain my strength, sooo..}
  • perfume and handfoam - both in sweet pea scent. bangooo
  • deodorant - for unplanned overnights or activities
  • mirror - need I elaborate? 
  • aviators - because I wear shades anytime, anywhere. walang basagan ng trip
  • book - whatever I'm currently reading, which as of this writing, is How to Walk in High Heels by Camilla Morton.
  • planner - my BDJ planner which is not in the picture because I forgot to include it and I didn't want to arrange my stuff like that again. Pero hindi ako tamad huh, hindi talaga. :P
  • and lastly, my umbrella ella ella eh

Moving on, my gadgets kit holds pens, flashdrive, internet stick, credit card security device, charger, connector and earphones. Sometimes it holds my lappy cords too.

gadgets kit

Next, my really not interesting dental kit. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss. Just the basics.

dental kit

And last but definitely not the least, my kikay kit. I can never leave the house without it, bilang hindi naman talaga ako masyadong maganda. Saktong ganda lang! Hahaha! Noticed it's Hello Kitty? I think I'm getting addicted again to that annoying pa-cute cat! :P

kikay kit

  • two way cake - fanny serrano in duchess 
  • powder blush - nichido true colors collection in sunkissed, which I rarely use kasi nga hindi ako tamad
  • eyeshadow - maybelline diamond glow in copper brown and elf in matte mauve
  • lipgloss - maybelline lipsmooth color bloom in pink blossom
  • lipsticks - ever bilena in off beat pink, maybelline color sensation in toffee cream and mocha pearl. mahilig sa brown si negra
  • concealer - fanny serrano in cashew
  • clear mascara - fashion 21, because I grew tired of the usual mascara and that's the only clear mascara I found
  • eyeliners - maybelline impact express smooth feltliner, so easy to apply, I am a fan
  • brushes - for the blush and eyeshadow, I do not even know how to properly address them. haha!
  • comb - everyone needs one, unless your bald
  • eyelash curler - for pretty eyes in an instant
  • tweezers - for stray kilays, tumutubo ata sila every minute. nako naman
  • nailcutter - incase I forgot to cut my nails at home

There you go. So basic yet so dami.  I hope my intended audience sees this. Ma, hope you get to read this. Hindi ako galing sa bakasyon, ok? :D



Furree Katt said...

:O that is SO much stuff but it's all so pretty! ♥ i especially love the hello kitty mini-bag. adorable. i want :D

jelai said...

hehehe..i have a huge bag too.. it also contains all the things i can't live without. i have an extra t-shirt in it and a pair of slippers. i also have a gadget bag. but i don't have that tooth kit..hehehe..

nice bag! :)

Sey said...

hahahaha, and more hahaha because i can relate. My friends and officemates always says I am carrying my house, but I don't care.

My bag also contains baby bags inside. Minsan problema ko kung paano siya gawing magaan pero I'm a failure. Nakatadhana na yata na malaki talaga ang bag ko, pag maliit lang masama ang loob ko nun.

Parang na-isnpire tuloy akong i-share laman ng bag ko kahit walang interested. Hahaha.

Hope your mom gets to read this. hahaha, natuwa ako kay Mommy.

anney said...

Dami laman ah! Ako din ang bag ko malaki pero wala halos laman. Kaya ko naman gusto malaki pag umaalis ako kasi pag nag shopping ayaw ko ng may bitbit ako. Sinisiksik ko talaga lahat sa bag ko hanggang may space pa. hehehe!

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

I love big bags! I'm not kikay but I love my gadgets and they require a big bag. Though natigil lahat ng ito nung dumating si Poj. My big bag was swapped to a big nursery bag, and i bring absolutely everything!

Hay, hayaan mo silang mga basag trip, kung saan ka masaya =)

-Sapphire Mommy (Mommy Jo)- said...

i'm also a fan of big bags! i love the feeling na andun na lahat,parang extension lang ng cabinet ko :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

That certainly is a lot of stuff you've got there.
How does it all fit!? haha


Katherine said...

You can fit so much into your bag! I love seeing these posts and what everybody totes around :)

Unknown said...

I carry a very small sling bag. I can only fit my wallet and my phone there!hahaha!!

Do visit my blog, too sis! Thanks a bunch!

Jessica said...

Hey, new follower here! :)

I can never leave the house without tissue and my dental essentials too! Oh, and alcohol too! :)

MACY said...

i love your penshoppe bag! i love white bags and this one you got is definitely lovely!


Tsina said...

Teh, natuwa ako sa blog post mo. HAHAH! Ayan, galing ka pala ng bakasyon, eh. :D

Bumili ako sa Beabi ng bag organizer. :)Yun lang, mukhang happy ka na sa baby bags mo. :)

funandfabulousblog by MAYEN said...

Ngayon ko lang basa to. My God you have a lot of stuff on you bag kiddo. I love huge bags, I owned tons. I also used to carry a lot of stuff but lately I've decided to cut down the content of my bag a notch. I have a post like this saved on my clicks and cuts blog but I don't have the heart to post it. I will post it on this blog inspire ako sayo eh. haha.. I love your gadgets, ayaw mo ng pink no? haha...