Saturday, December 17, 2011

ace water spa yet again

Yay! Super late post just because I'm super lazeh. Hahaha! Went to Ace Water Spa with the best friend several weeks ago. Thanks again to my sponsor, Belle de Jour Planner. :D

I was with my officemates-turned-friends the first time I got to try this hydrotherapy massage thing. We went to their Pasig branch then. This time, the  bestfriend and I chose their QC branch somewhere in Banahaw. And as usual, we got lost before finally finding our destination. You crazy driver! Hahaha! ILY, best friend. :* 

We stayed there for around two to three hours and the reason why we left early was, again, we're already hungry. Haha! So after hours of fun and acting silly in the massage pool, we spoiled ourselves even more with an eat-all-you-can dinner at Yam Cha Seafood and Dimsum resto. Food is mediocre though, nothing really special.

There you go. Photo dump ahead. ♥

in front of the spa
like this better than Pasig's

the wall just before you enter the shower/changing area

rules rules ruleees

pigging out, especially the best friend :P



Sey said...

Pagkakit ko ng title akala ko Apple yugn dating post mo ulit. Second time mo na - sana makapunta din ako jan. Gusto ko ng massage.

Merry Christmas!

Vintot said...

Ayos ang bonding ah :)

Eeshie said...


Hey, we girls gotta do it sometime :)

Apple Borbon said...

@sey. merry christmas. i've been missing in action. miss your blog. :S

@vintot. thanks.

@eeshie. definitely. thanks for visiting. ;)

Unknown said...

I miss my bonding time with my bestfriend at Ace Water Spa after I saw your post! ah such memories! But I availed on the promo from Metrodeal for I don't have the BDJ planner :P Ace Water Spa

Apple Borbon said...

@mar rey. yay! enjoy your visit to the spa. :)