Sunday, February 5, 2012

day2: camiguin white island tour and chill at bbc

Sorry guys for making you wait too long for the continuation of my Camiguin Adventure. That is, of course, assuming that you are waiting for this. Ilusyonada ang peg ko today so please bear with me. ;)

So for our second day, we woke up at around 5.3oam. Just enough for them to witness the sunrise. I might be doing my morning rituals then because I wasn't able to witness it myself. Not that I really wanted to see it. I am not so much of a sunrise-sunset fan. Or let's just say the sun in general. I prefer cloudy days since I really hate getting all sweaty and sticky. And.. and.. what was this blog post all about again? Haha!

via Sheena's iphone 4s hahaha :P

Moving on, we only had hot choco to jump-start the day. We decided to take out our free breakfast from BBC and eat on the island. Kuya Teddy fetched us from BBC and by 6:30am we were off to White Island.

good morning, Camiguin

It was just a quick ride to the barangay where Kuya Teddy dropped us off. From that point, we took another 7-minute boat ride to the island. By around 7am, we were greeted good morning by Camiguin's famous sand bar. Blue skies, blue sea, white sand. The island is so pristine, so bare, providing you no shade at all. Hello sunburn talaga!

Camiguin's pristine island

While the boatman {we obviously didn't got his name, sorry} was setting up our shade, we  were having the time of our lives posing for the camera. Di alintana ang gutom, ngiti lang. But of course, in between my takes, I was hiding in the umbrella that manong bangkero was setting up. I really tried not to get sunkissed for this trip but obviously I failed big time. Umuwi pa rin akong negra. 

Anyway, after he was done setting up our colorful-palengke-style umbrella, we immediately took our breakfast. I didn't worry so much for my tummy as I have no plans of wearing swimsuit. I'm the type who adjusts with the crowd so no swimsuits for them meant no swimsuit for me too. Haha! So I said to my Chanda Romero {oh no, I am sooo gay}, "you can grow as big as you want." :))

on our way to the island plus our brekky pichurs

What came next after our breakfast is an endless pictorial. Honestly, I contemplated between that and sleeping in my sarong under the shade of our colorful umbrella. You know I'm a sucker for just-bumming-around moments. But then the former won. Nagfeeling mowwwdel na lang ako with them.

big thank you to Dwin for taking our pictures

moment ko. dahil blog ko to. :p

We left the island at around 10am. We bought pasalubong back in the port. I got my siblings ethnic necklaces. I also bought daing na pusit because the vendors just wouldn't stop bugging me. Sa dami ng lumapit sa kin, feeling ko sumigaw muna sila ng kuyooog! Hahaha! 

We also stopped by a pasalubong shop to buy some souvenirs. I got myself and my niece matching shirts. I also got my parents their matching shirts. One day I'll have them wear it together. Couple shirts para malakas maka-bagets. ;)

Kuya Teddy also offered to take us to Katibawasan Falls but we opted to stay in BBC, which by the way stands for Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin. We wanted to make the most of our stay there as we loved the vibe of the place. Check out the photos below to know what I mean. room

bar and grill.pool side.beach front


We also had our lunch in the place. We had pork sinigang, tortang talong, camaron rebosada and some sweet chicken dish I don't even know how to properly address. :P The food's not bad. Though I'd love it better if we had crabs, baked mussels, grilled squid.. and the list of sea food goes on. Hahaha! Someone's craving for seafoods this very moment. Nomnomnom. ",)

thank you Lord for the food in our tummies

We checked out from our room at 12pm but they allowed us to stay further in the place. We had to take our shower in the common restroom but we didn't mind at all. It was a good 3-hour extension of our bum lives - which basically composed of swimming, taking underwater shots and falling asleep in a hammock.

We all agreed it would be fine going back to Camiguin just to stay in BBC. Head over heels in love with the place. ♥

practicing my oh-so-great swimming skillz

this is life, really

At around 3pm, we left BBC. Our package included our ride back to Benoni Port where we'll catch the ferry back to Balingoan Port and finally to CDO. I'd say it was a sulit yet bitin stay at the resort, if that makes sense. Itaga nyo sa lahat ng pwedeng pagtagaan, babalik ako dito. Hahaha! Now, who's coming with me? :D

thank you, BBC

That's it for today, folks. I still have one more of this series. Keep reading 'coz I'm gonna keep writing. Haha! ♥ ;)


Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

it really is great when you find a lovely resort when you're on holiday. Kami we always try to save one day to simply relax sa resort, para adventure and relaxation naman. But I'm with you, ang ganda nia =)

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

hooooo! :o camiguin. what a beautiful place. i do hope makapunta rin ako dyan soon. :)

Unknown said...

awww..such a lovely place. You look good apple. I wish I could go there as well. You're right the resort is awesome. :)

Sey said...

You never fail to make me giggle while reading your post. Hahaha, Ganda ng mga lines eh. Sabi mo nga umuwi kang negra pero okay lang yun part yan ng happiness. First blast in the year to kaya dapat itaga mo sa bato yung next time, sama mo na kami. Ganda ng BBC, gusto ko jan. Is it safe to go there alone? if super yes, at hindi ka super busy, pwede ba ako request ng kahit hindi detailed na cost, mejo lang, pag di ka busy ah. Hehehe. Thanks!

Sayang hindi mo nakita yung sunrise. Ang ganda! Ayoko din ng mainit. Gusto ko rainy except pag nababasa ang paa on the way to work.

anney said...

Ganda namn ng place! Gusto ko yung kuha mo underwater! Sana makabili din ako ng underwater cam!

Tsina said...

Teh, best pictures ko na yan? :p

Apple Borbon said...

@kristeta. tama! next time we should do the same para sulit ang resort accomodation.

@orange pulps. add it to your goals. it's worth it.

@mayen. aww. thanks mayen. ;)

Apple Borbon said...

@sey. thanks, sey! medyo nauubusan lang ako ng english kaya may tagalog hirits. haha! :P i'll post the itinerary and costs for you. i think it's safe naman if sa resort ka lang.

@anney. go get one. nakakatuwa magpicture saka video underwater.

@tsina. nope! best pictures ko. >:P

Unknown said...

Hi Dear, pwede add kita, hope you follow my blog back.. I love all those photo I am originally from that place Camiguin Island...ingat...

Apple Borbon said...

@lovely pettit_mom. sure! i followed you back already. thanks for visiting my blog. ;)



maraming salamat po sa blogs hehehe staring yata ako dito eh =) hehehe thanks ma'am.


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Apple Borbon said...

hi kuya teddy. nakita mo blog ko. thank you rin po. :)