Saturday, February 11, 2012

day3: bukidnon dahilayan adventure park

I'm back dear readers. Oh yes, I'd like to think I have some, so thank you very much! Haha! To be honest, I really shouldn't be blogging because I have an exam for a certification on the 14th {exam on valentine's again, why not} but I just couldn't stop myself. I feel like I won't be able to concentrate on my review without accomplishing this first. So here I am, blogging, when I'd rather be studying. If there's such thing as a blogging disease, I'm pretty sure I have it. In chronic level. Without any known cure. So pano? Ikakamatay ko na lang ba to? Haha! 

Enough of my non-sense blah blahs. So for day3, we're back in CDO. We stayed in Victoria Suites. It is located in Plaza Divisoria near Park View Lodge. According to the tricycle driver, the latter is more popular. So his tip, even if you're staying in Victoria, say you're bound to Park View so that they'll easily know where to take you. Helpful tip, I wish. Victoria Suites is nothing fancy compared to our accommodation back in Camiguin. Budget accommodation but nothing so bad either. Except that my scrambled egg for breakfast had shells in it. You're forgiven guys, that is how forgiving I am. :P

The next morning, right after breakfast, we were bound to Bukidnon to experience Asia's longest zipline at Dahilayan Adventure Park. On the way to the park, we passed by Camp Phillips. It is where Del Monte's pineapple plantation is situated. Upon entering the camp, a huge pineapple statue welcomed us. It actually seemed like a disclaimer because the next thing we knew, we were seeing nothing but a vast field of pineapples. Also in the camp is the housing project for Del Monte Employees. The houses are in pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow and green. Adorable neighborhood.

huge pineapple, anyone?

After around two hours, we were finally in Dahilayan Adventure Park. They have three ziplines - 150m, 320m and 840m. The last being the Asia's longest zipline. Sowsyal! Ziplining? It's more fun in the Philippines! Haha!

Before anything else of course, we read the rules. They actually didn't impose it to us. Medyo deadmakels sila to be honest. I've been to Subic's Treetop Adventure and the crew there is far more accommodating which made the experience a lot more fun. Sa Dahilayan, ni HO, ni HA, WALA! Utang na loob ko pa ata na kinabit nila yung harness ko. Hahaha!

'nuff said

Both the 150m and 320m ziplines bored me. You know naman daredevils like me have high expectations. Haha! I may look so fragile and all girly-girly but I was never afraid of heights. I dream of bungee jumping and skydiving too but that would be another story, which reminded me I haven't blogged about my 2012 goals yet. There's just so many things to blog about. And here goes the disease again. :D

150m zipline - with my partner, Sheena

320m zipline - all by myself this time

For the third and longest zipline, we had to ride a 4WD which will take us to their launch tower. Riding the 4WD alone was an adventure. Imagine a bumpy uphill road plus a fast and open 4WD from where you can fall anytime. Buwis buhay. It was worth it though. I enjoyed flying like superman for at least a distance of 840m. I kept on screaming just for fun. Sino pa ba magpapasaya sa sarili ko kundi ako lang? Hahaha!

preppin' for the last zipline

looking stupid in a full body harness

scanned photo souvenirs ♥
it's official, I conquered Asia's longest zipline
We spent few more minutes buying our photo souvenirs. And because we can't get enough of our faces, some more photo-ops in front of the park's signage. 

spot my pogi shot and my fake jump shot :P

From Dahilayan, we went back to our crib to prepare for our next activity. Brace yourselves for our CDO whitewater rafting experience.

Meanwhile, let me have my late lunch and my most needed review. If you love me enough, you can also pray for me to pass the exam. That's all I need for Valentine's. I.AM.SO.NERVOUS. :|


Jhanz said...

Awesome! I wanna try zip lining too. Too bad I'm kinda afraid of heights... but I'm trying to conquer it anyway. :)

Have a wonderful day!

wendy said...

nakita ko lang to sa forever and a day:-)... would love to go there, too.

anney said...

Nakalista na yang Dahilayan Adventure Park sa isa sa mga gusto ko puntahan! looks like you realy had fun!

Sey said...

Don't worry kung nakakamatay ang blogging disease, hindi ka mag-iisa, kasama kami.

You're a certified traveler slash adventurista ng taon. first quarter pa lang paawat ka, hahaha. Ikaw na talaga.

Apple Borbon said...

@umi. you should. :D we only live once, let's make the best out of it. ;)

@wendy. yep, their featuring KC on their site nga eh. go visit bukidnon.

@anney. you'll be able to go there for sure. ikaw pa!

@sey. hahaha! tama! sama-sama tayo. :P wala pa ngang next trip eh. sadness.