Sunday, May 13, 2012

family picnic and whatnots

Backloooogss.. So many things to blog about, so little time to blog. I wish someday I can get paid for  simply blogging about my life. That will be the best job ever, dude. Haha! :) 

Anyway, today's 'story of my life' is my mom's birthday celebration last month at La Mesa Eco Park. Yes, last month. But hey, I really waited for mother's day to come so that this will be extra special. Really. You have to believe me, it's a good excuse. Phhbt!

So, in our conscious effort to do something different each time, we found ourselves having picnic in Eco Park's cottage {which by the way is worth P500 but we got it for free just because madiskarte ako. :') }. We may not be the richest-of-them-all type who gets to celebrate birthdays out of town often but we make it a point to make each family occasion special, worth-remembering and a little different - in any possible way we can. ♥

the incrediBorbs'  obligatory family picture

these and a little more

Aside from having picnic, there are actually lots of other things you can do in Eco Park. Eeep, I sound like I'm promoting the park or something. Disclaimer: I'm not in any way connected to the park's ownership nor did I get paid for this. Haha! But kidding aside, whether you're after adventure, nature tripping or just steady chillin' the park is an instant way to get you covered, plus on a budget pa! Did I just hear the promo girl in me again? Hahaha! :))

Moving on, our whatnot number one is.. pictorial! Ano pa nga ba? These days, you just have to take photographs of anything and everything that you do. It's a practical solution to memory gap nga naman. Plus when you're feeling sad, it helps a lot browsing through them. Been there, I should know. 

ang mag-booboo! ♥

my bitchesas :')

with the mother and the father

my feeling gawjus shot

And because I'm making the 'whatnots' from my subject literal, whatnot number two is.. horseback riding. The royal family - mommy, daddy and Faye chose to ride a carriage {kalesa in tagalog, calesa in spanish. why thank you, google}. Meanwhile, Joyce and Nikka chose to punish some white horses. In behalf of my whole family, I'm asking for apology from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society. :P

poor horse, you evil sister

And finally, whatnot number three.. WALL CLIMBING! But only for the thrill seeker like me and my number one fan. Hahaha! We were hesitant at first because we were nervous, shy, and whatever other excuses you can think of but we just threw ourselves to it. Bahala na si Batman! But then again hindi na ata uso si Batman, so bahala na ang Avengers {which by the way, I haven't seen yet. loser!}. Hahaha!

We were screaming all the way to the top - "Kuyaaaaa hindi ko na abot", "Kuyaaaaa parang maaalis yung hawakan", "Hindi ko na kayaaaaaaa", "Pagod na koooooo". Hahaha! But we ain't quitters. Hell No! We were able to finish it - LOUD AND PROUD. Literally. :))

GOAL #17 Try wall climbing - CHECK!! I'm a happy kid. xD

before and after. see the difference?

I am macho. see those muscle flex?

Rest for a while, freshen up, some more picture taking and we called it a day. One for the  books. Thank you Lord for the blessing called family. Happy Birthday {and Happy Mother's Day} mom. You know we love you. ♥ ;)

just before going home


♥ Happy Mother's Day to all Moms out there!!

Below is my Facebook greeting to mama. The first thing I did this morning - before morning rituals, before breakfast and before greeting her personally. Cramming ang lola nyo. :P


Aiza said...

Sis, I enjoyed your post! As usual, may funny take siya talaga. Kamukha kayo ng isa mong sister! Natawa ako sa kabayo ride ng sister mo. Hehehe. Ang cute. Happy Mom's day to your mom. Ang saya niyo! :) COmplete family. Im happy for ya.

funandfabulousblog by MAYEN said...

I love to read your post, napapangiti ako lagi. I'm 2 short rides away from eco park, pero di pa ako nakapunta. ganda na pala dyan. Anyway, happy birthday and happy mother's day na sa mom mo. She's so lucky to have a daughter like you. I'm sure feel na feel nya ang mother's day. :)

SunnyToast said...

love this make me smile...happy mothers day to your mom!

Sey said...

Belated happy mother's day and birthday to your mom. Oh diba two in one greetings na din. Hehehe. Natawa ako sa mga muscle reflexes mo. hehehe.

It doen't really matter kung simple or bongga, ang importante everyone is happy and everyone is present. Let's hpe and pray that PAWS will not see this post. Hahaha, ikaw talaga pati kabayo napag-tripan mo.

Vanessa said...

Hi! Could you check out and follow my blog? I'll be doing the same to you also. Just message me their in my "contact" tab with your link so I can surely follow back. It's my way of saying "Thank you!". :)

here it is:

Have a great day!

Apple Borbon said...

@ms. 'chievous. thanks, sis. i'm a fan of my own corny jokes. haha!

@mayen. you have to visit ecopark. perfect din sya for pre-nup shots. yihee. <3

@sunny toast. thank you. :)

@sey. true. what's really important is that you're happy as a family :)

@vanessa. sure! will check your blog in a bit. thanks for visiting.

anney said...

Nag try ako mag wall climb last week di ko kinaya! hahaha!

Apple Borbon said...

@anney. hahaha! ang hirap dba? try and try. :))