Saturday, May 19, 2012

rain or shine, happy or sad

I am perfectly aware that I have to be up by 8am tomorrow but here I am trying to blog at 3am. Where art thou, sleep discipline? It's been a while. :)

As promised, next on my list is the day out with the best friend some weeks ago. We went to Quezon City Circle hoping we'd accomplish my 2012 goal #01 which is "Learn how to ride a bike" but as you may have all guessed, we failed. I disappointed my best friend but I'm pretty sure not as much as I disappointed myself. Remember I already failed before? :'( But no, I'm not quitting. The next time I try mag-aalay muna ako ng itlog at magmamakaawa sa lahat ng mga santo. Would you know kung may Patron Saint of Biking? :P

Looking on the brighter side, it's good that we were able to bond for almost the entire day. Come rain or shine. Come happy or sad. 

RAIN. It was raining when we arrived at the park. It was early lunch time then. We didn't want to brave the rain so we just stayed inside the car and I conducted 'Making Faces 101'. Trivia: The best friend doesn't know how to make faces. Look at her having a hard time. 

isang kindat naman jan, best! :P

SHINE. After the rain has stopped, we eagerly went out for lunch. Few shoots here and there as we were trying to look for a decent place to eat. The first picture worthy spot we found was what we thought as wishing well. Imagine my excitement peeking through the well only to find out it has transformed to a huge garbage can {or garbage well, whatever}. Only in the Philippines yan.

wishing garbage well

We found an area of decent restos and chose Bacolod Chicken Inasal. In this age and day, we don't just eat, we eat while taking pictures. I assume we all agree, thank you. Haha! :)

Ini ang Inasal!

HAPPY. After lunch, we were happy souls with happy tummies already. We strolled in the park stopping by every picture-worthy spot we see. It brought back memories. We felt like kiddos - young, wild and free. Hahaha!

we're just having fun, we don't care who sees ♩♪♫
{ohnooess, LSS}

SAD. And the obvious sad part is that after two hours of trying to balance that darn bicycle, I still didn't learn. Few days after, I have bruises all over my legs. For the second time around, all I got are bruises. Bruuiisseesss! Passsaa! Alam mo yun. Passaaaa? Gusto ko lang naman matutong magbike eh! Hindi ba pwede yun? Hahaha! I'm running amok now. :P

and that, my friends, is the look of frustration

Lastly, we had dinner at some random carinderia na feeling resto with the waiter and bill out effect pa. After a frustrating and tiring and dehydrating biking attempt, a good heart to heart talk with the best friend capped the night. Not bad at all, what do you think? ♥ :')

still trying to make faces, huh?

And speaking of not bad at all. It's already 4am and I'm left with only 4 hours of sleep. Not bad at all. Really.



Sey said...

I don't know if there's cycling saint but If I encountered one, I'll let you know. Hmmm turuan kita mag-bike. hehehe.

I love your outfit and pose on the wishing garbage well. Hahaha. To sum it up, you still had a great day!. Crazy days are good with friends in tow. Right?

jelai said...

well at least the well looks good on the outside. Hehehe.

hmmp. don't worry if you didn't learn how to bike that day, at least you had a bonding moment with your best friend. :)

funandfabulousblog by MAYEN said...

I love it when it rains and I'm inside the car. There something about the combination of rain and wet car window that love. Sorry. I know it wasn't the case when you went out with your friend. It must've been frustrating and you failed to ride a bike..again.. too bad. but don't worry next time, there's always next time. we will help you pray..

it's still a great day with the best friend so winner ka pa din.

anney said...

Such a wonderful super bonding time with your BFF! Konting tyaga lang sa pag aaral mag bike at matututo ka din. Isang buong araw yata ako nag bike bago matuto at sobrang saya ko ng napaandar ko mag isa ng di ako hinahawakan. Hign school ako nun! hehe!

Chari T. said...

I haven't biked in a looong time! I see you like making faces :)) same here hehe

Apple Borbon said...

@sey. right. it was indeed a crazy day. i miss you and your blog. expect me to be there today. :)

@jelai. yeah, that's all I got! some precious moments with the bff.

@mayen. yep, there's always a next time. ain't giving up. haha!

@anney. i can imagine the feeling. i wish to feel the same the soonest.

@chari T. *winks* it's always fun making faces.