Friday, May 11, 2012

just keep swimming, just keep swimming ♩♪♫

when life gets you down you know what you gotta do?
just keep swimming just keep swimming
just keep swimming swimming swimming
what do we do we swim, swim, swim ♩♪♫

and that's dory singing just keep swimming. hahaha!☮

Another Patio Isabel random swimming care of daddy {our cousin, kuya ga} and mommy {her wifey}. This was right after my trip to Hundred Islands with my teammates. I was really tired and sleepy so I took a nap first then followed them to the venue.

their preparations

making faces yet again x)

swimming time

our cute not-so-little baby

And just when I thought it's just another ordinary swimming for us, we went a little crazier with trying jump shots to the pool. It's always fun and sillier with the family. I know you agree. ♥

you judge who gets the best jump shot award x)

and then when it's time to go home..
we were red-eyed monsters already

 Next Attraction: My mom's birthday celeb at Eco Park
Coming Soon: Another failed biking attempt at QC Circle with the best friend

XoXo :')


Unknown said...

Winner ang jump shot mo sis.. Mas marami ka atang practice sa kanila. hehe..

True it's easier to be silly around family members. Happy Mom's day to your mom!

Apple Borbon said...

@mayen. thanks sis! lakas ng loob lang talaga ang baon ko sa tuwina. haha! :))