Sunday, July 29, 2012

simple joys ♥

Have I said that the very reason I feel blessed is having an a-awesome family? A million times already I bet. So here I am again feeling grateful for simple things shared with my loved-ones on our {mine and the second sister's} special day.

With simple things, I mean visiting our favorite church and eating pigging-out. But before that, me and my youngest sister had a long preparation because we wanted to sport aztec nails. We were successful. I assume. :D

not bad for first timers, eh?

We also had "guests" that special day. My cousin Kuya Ge and our granny were with us. Our extended family just got extended even more. The more the manier.. I mean merrier. :P

Cesar Montano turned Mr. v

So just like the old times in Grotto, we paid respect to the big guy up there first, then roamed around the place. We went to the Stations of the Cross and Rosary Hill but only up to a little past the entrance. Haha! Alam nyo na, hindi nakapag-flanax ang mga lolo at lola nyo. :)

granny goose with the girls

our baby - having the time of her life

random shots of the church

Just in time for dinner, we headed to SM Fairview.  We ate like there's tomorrow in Racks and the big winner was Kuya Ga. Big winner meaning the last man eating. Hahaha! Still, he wasn't able to finish everything. We took out our leftovers for the "dog". Pero chos lang, we ate them the next morning. Haha!

my piggies about to pig out

baby baaaack

My cousins also bought cake and ice cream to make our tummies even happier. We went home so full making fun of our empachos.
thanks kuya Ga and kuya Ge

Till our next birthday celebration! Meanwhile, allow me to edit more pictures for my next blog post. Let's all combat backlogs. xD



Rah said...

family times, good times, napaka priceless ng mga ganitong moments. you are very fortunate to have such awesome family :D

Superjaid said...

miss my family tuloy. ang sarap ng food. baby back.

anney said...

Cute naman ng nail polish!! Pigging out with family is the best!

Unknown said...

Ang ga-ganda nang photo nyo, nail den styles... have a bliss day

Lady Fishbone said...

aw... happy family (kainggit)
blessed are you for having a happy family :D

cute ng nails..... CUTE

Apple Borbon said...

@rah. yeah, and I've always been so grateful.

@superjaid. aww. hope you get to be with your family soon.

@anney. thanks! i'm getting addicted to bohemian stuff.

@pettit mom. thanks. have a good day too.

@jessica. sorry to make you feel jealous. i'm sure you're blessed with so many other things. ;)

SunnyToast said...

belated happy birthday!

Apple Borbon said...

@sunnytoast. thanks :)