Saturday, July 21, 2012

thank God it's friday

Yep, definitely not today. I meant when I celebrated my birthday with my teammates. So that was a Friday and we ate at Friday's. We're rich like that yah know. Haha! #conyoproblems

Below is my outfit for the day. I'm tryin' to go boho lately so please bear with me. It still looks a little trying hard but I'm gettin' there. One day I'll turn completely bohemian. Yung tipong mukhang manghuhula na. "Hindi hawak ng bituin ang ating kapalaran, gabay lamang itoMeron tayong free willgamitin natin 'to." Hahaha! 

ootd :')

Good thing I'm not the only July celebrator. I had Kerol to share the burden with :P. Ms. Ana also brought us cake while we gave her a card since she's a July celebrator too. Ain't we sweet?

those who turned a year older wiser :P

Can't exactly remember what we had but it was a feast. Good for me since I've been trying to gain wait. Only that it's bad for my pocket. Meh, could have been for shopping. Haha! I love you guys though. :*

Friday feast

Update 11.06.2013
And thank you everyone for our fun birthday song. ♥

Let's move on to our obligatory group photo which by the way became a trend on our Facebook accounts. We were making fun of how our dark-skinned {is there even a nicer way to say that?} teammates almost didn't show up on the photo below. It was a 4 versus 6, lamang ang pwersa ng kadiliman. Tell me you know where I belong. Hahaha! :))

you can see me right? xP

I also got another cake from the project that day. Sweets overload, literally and figuratively. ♥ :)

thanks for all the luuurve ♥

More birthday stories soon. For the meantime, I'll prepare to go for a swim. #lifeineastwood :')



Tsina said...

Ganda ng outfit mo, teh. :P

Lady Fishbone said...

bongga girl hehe

Veronica said...

OMG. You just quoted Zenaida Seva! Hahaha! Belated Happy Birthday! :)

anney said...

Belated Happy birthday! Ang saya ng celebration! may you have more bdays to come!

Superjaid said...

belated happy birthday!=D

Sey said...

Belated Happy Birthday Apple. Seems like you had a blast. Since you want to gain weight, you can take mine. Hihihi. Yun na gift ko sayo. hahaha. I miss you :)

P.S. I love your outfit.

Apple Borbon said...

@tsina. thanks teh :*

@jessica. thanks girl.

@bee. thanks for dropping by. i followed you, btw.

Apple Borbon said...

@anney. thank you :D

@superjaid. thanks :)

@sey. thanks! sure, i'll take it. hahaha!