Friday, May 31, 2013

round 2 ♥

Here are the photos and stories I failed to share last time because of my hunger. :P Haha! Two weeks after our first boxing sesh, we went back for yet another round. I actually shared over Facebook how fascinated I am that with my fleeting interest with things, I'm still willing to go back for more. Can you  tell I'm hooked already?

Of course, pre-boxing vanity is a must especially for the younger ones. Look at them in the second photo making faces and all sorts of pagpapa-cute. Haha! Teenagers nowadays.

pre-boxing vanity

kayamot na kaartehan :P

Moving on, it was sad that Jake {Dana & Anit's previous trainer} is no longer with Elorde. Dana had a new trainer in the form of Marvin while Anit and I shared with my trainer. We were teasing Dana at first because her new trainer looked strict and she was acting all nervous. It turned out that she had the best session because Marvin was indeed serious and they were able to do a lot. The three of us on the other hand {Anit, Ellen and I} had so much kulitan just like the first time we were there. Although it wasn't really that bad because our routines were also added with uppercut and sidestepping. We'll be boxing pros soon. Haha! Kidding!

Dana & Marvin

Speaking for myself, our first boxing session was a lot more tiring; perhaps because I didn't have anyone to share my trainer with. Hopefully next time, we won't have to share trainers anymore. After all, the voucher says 'one-on-one boxing session'.

took this group photo. meeh.

If pre-boxing vanity is a must, so is post-boxing vanity. I just had to show everyone my oversized Mickey sweatshirt. Hehe. I decided just yesterday to pile on them in preparation for the rainy days. Uh-oh, a new addiction waiting to happen. 

post-boxing vanity

By the way, thanks heaps to everyone who's taking time to visit my blog and read on my stories. Just thought I'd let you know my appreciation. Much love, people. ♥


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