Sunday, May 12, 2013

more kids, more fun ♥

Just a photo diary from my niece's birthday celebration. Ash celebrated her special day at Patio Isabel with our family and her closest friends. I had so much fun because as I've said, I love having kids around. ♥

But before anything else.. here's my OOTD! If you haven't noticed yet, I am abusing my bagay to anything strappies. I just love how they match almost any outfit perfectly. I'll be in Ilocos next week and I am seriously fighting the urge to bring them with me. 

Moving on, here are photos of the kids at heart. Look at them goofing around with the fish they're supposed to be grilling. Take note, it's their idea, not mine!

And oh, did you notice baby Carin's different way of finger sucking? It's her rock on finger sucking! Haha!

Meanwhile, here's Faye in her favorite outfit lately - swimsuits. At home, she wears one anytime of the day. She'll even cry for it when her mom won't allow her to. Just too adorbs. ♥

And then here are Dana and Potch, my sister and nephew respectively. I can clearly remember how they used to be little kiddos actively joining activities like cake designing at Goldilocks.. or participating McDo's kiddie crew workshop.. or joining SM's trick or treat every November. How time flies, really. Now we have a new set of little kids - which reminds me I'm getting old. Ugghh.

Some more kids and kid at heart - my brother, another nephew Alex and his playmate. I know what you're thinking.. they can pass as siblings. Hahaha! I thought of that instantly when I saw them at the pool gutter so I insisted to take photos of them together. Ang sarap pagkukurutin ng pisngi! :P

Now here are Alex and Cait, bff slash cousins. It's so cute how they're always together despite the age difference. And mind you, both of them are so nice. Cait is such a sweet girl while Alex is such a gentle giant.

Lastly, here's the birthday girl with her friends. I enjoyed taking stolen photos of them, reminds me of the good old days when I was young and free. Hahaha! Although it's annoying how tall they are at such a young age. I am guessing one of them is almost 5'5''.. or just 5'3"? Shuuss, enough of my bitterness.

Thanks again to Ate Shell and Ash for spending that special day with us. ♥



sherene said...

gudluck on ur ilocos trip next week, have fun:)

aki! said...

Faye looks so pretty in those photos!

Sybil said...

looks so much fun!! love the dress with those sandals!! :D

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hxero said...

summer na summer get-up mo apple... like it

Apple Borbon said...

@sherene. thank you. i had fun.

@aki. she's indeed adorable.

@libys11. thank you. i'm obsessed with that strappies.

@hxero.thanksies. :)