Wednesday, May 29, 2013

boxing sesh

If there's one thing I want to be known for, it would be that I'm the girl who strives to live to the fullest. Cliche', gasgas na, but that's just so true. I grew up as one obsessive compulsive kid - dying for order & perfection, fighting for academic victories, never resting cases. People around me have always known I'd succeed, but only through intellectual aspects. I've always been inadequate socially and physically. But for this post, let us skip my social skills - or the lack thereof. I am almost hopeless with that so I'd rather not waste both of our precious time. What I'll be boasting about is how my physical skills improved over the years. Magyayabang ako, so please bear with me. :)

If I'm not mistaken, I am almost malnourished growing up. Haha! I was always the smallest kid in class and mind you, not a year was missed. Aside from being small, I was also thin. I've always been picky with what I eat to the point they had to force me to eat. Even my water had to be sweetened for me to drink. Such a pain in the ass. Hahaha! With all those, I used to be so frail. I hated Physical Fitness since my pre-school days. It was only in my highschool years that I learned to play piko, while it was in my college days that I learned to play patintero. Loser!! Back in my freshman year, I remember just sitting under the basketball ring while everyone was playing. Ganun ako ka-loser physically. 

Thank goodness I looked a lot better through the years. Ang kumontra, sasapakin ko. :P I'm still the smallest 20-something Software Engineer you'll ever meet but at least, I no longer look fragile. Although I have to admit my development started from the outside. It's only until 2010, my favorite year to date, that I started improving my physical skills. I first dreamed of trekking and running, and since then there's just no physical activity that I won't dare try. I learned how to swim, I've tried surfing and wakeboarding, I've done wall climbing and spelunking.. and just recently, sandboarding {haven't blogged about it yet} and boxing. You have no idea how I love first time experiences. ♥

Having said that, let me share my first boxing experience. It all began when my sister saw a boxing deal from Elorde through Groupon, P99 instead of P250 for a one-on-one boxing session. She got 10 vouchers although we had no idea when and with whom to use all those. Apparently, we're both more comfortable with a bigger group to go boxing. Incidentally, a relative of our cousin's wife stayed in their house for vacay. We grabbed the chance for our boxing debut.

With Elena ♥

The nearest Elorde Boxing Gym to where we live is at Lagro, QC. It's only minimum fare-away from our home so we decided to head there wearing our boxing outfits already. No fuss, no hassle.

first things first

It's funny how we were so nervous at first only to find out that their trainers are really nice and that boxing is so much fun. As soon as we're done with the voucher thingamajigs and signing of waivers, we were assigned with our respective trainers. Elena got Robert, I got Rolcen while Anit and Dana were both under Jake. I guess they only had three trainers at that time.

The boxing sesh started with jogging. They said we had to run around the ring for 50 times but we didn't take it seriously. We stopped as soon as we got tired. Puro kame pagpapasaway at first. Stretching came next. Luckily, I know the routines already since I visited Accenture's gym twice or thrice before. I'm a little slow learner when it comes to stuff needing body coordination. Hehe. :P Then we had to jump rope. I was the only one who had to take it seriously since my trainer was strict. Talk about being malas sometimes.

The fun part started with the mitts. I honestly do not know why they call it as such when mitts mean gloves or something. I guess that's just the norm. Anyway, for our first session they taught us the basics - jab, straight and hook. The actual suntukan part was so fun, take it from me. 

We got to rest for a while when it was time for their sparring. After that, more mitts followed and then we capped off the session with ab exercises and more stretching. It was the kind of stretching wherein your trainer will literally stretch your body parts. Hahaha! We all screamed in pain.

our fun group plus a muay thai trainer

Lastly, I just thought I'd share these trainer & trainee photos. They were like friends in an instant because they were so nice, not to mention super funny too.

Robert  & Elena

Jake & Anit

Jake & Dana

lastly, ang mga bida - Roncel and Apple

I was supposed to add more photos and some more stories from our second boxing sesh but my tummy is growling already. I realized I haven't eaten lunch yet. Some things never change.. I still do not have the discipline for eating. But at least I no longer look malnourished. Ha!



Orange Pulps ♥ said...

a great time indeed :)

ang saya ng experience n'yo.

Mindy Fan said...

That does look like a fun time! I love your shirt by the way!! =)

Apple Borbon said...

@orange pulps. indeed. thanks for dropping by. :)

@mindy fan. it was!! thanks 'bout the shirt, although i just stole it from my sissy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Kelangan ba magpamember ka para maavail?