Friday, August 30, 2013

birthday double up

Whuut? It's almost September! Time flies so fast. You've probably heard that line bajillion of times already. It's like few weeks back I was celebrating my birthday with friends and now I'm almost two months late with my blog update. Yes, my birth month happens to be July. Shussh.

Moving on, I had to celebrate my birthday a little early because Mhog and I share the same birth month. He's born July 9 while I, July 17. We checked the calendar for the perfect day to go out and poof July 13 is exactly in the middle of our birthdays. Perfect, indeed.

Originally, our plan is just to chill at Nok's place then buy food somewhere near when we get hungry.  But when everyone's in their place already, Nok had the brightest idea ever.. go to TriNoma! Parang sinundo lang namin syang lahat then off we go to the mall. Ang swerte ng baklaaa! :)

We chose to dine at Max's. Of course, we were catching up while eating. The last time I saw Jun and Job was when we trekked Pinatubo. Mhoi and Nok? I can't even remember the last time I saw them. Close friends pala ah? Hahaha!

the magic of Mhog's phone

thinner days, gaawdd

One of the topics we had that I can clearly remember is health. Grabe! We were a bunch of 26 to 27 years old people but some of us are taking meds like that of a 40 to 50 something aged people. Palibhasa, as the generation continues, palala na ng palala ang lifestyle - bad habits, vices etc. A reality check once in a while won't hurt.

ayaan, antatakaw pa :P


So anyway, after our dinner we went strolling. We stayed the longest at the beauty section of the department store. Hala sigeee, subok ng make up ang dalawa. Hahaha! I, on the other hand, just watched. Mhog and Jun walked around, obviously bored. Ang ending? Ako pa ang napabili ng eye liner recommended by Jhov. Hahaha!

girls will always be girls :P

Jun and Job had other commitments so they had to leave early. Mhog, Nok and I spent the rest of the night at Starbucks. Endless kwentuhaaann with a touch of seriousness. I'm really close to these two because back in college, the three of us used to belong to a group we refer to as Barag and with the tag line "Hindi nabibili ng pera ang kaligayahan". Hahaha! Ang kakornihan ng college days. Bow.

Nok gave Samantha as her name. ugh.

We ended the night when Nok had to leave already for another commitment aka gimik. :P



Unknown said...

nice picture and of course the food...

Sybil said...

omg!! i miss max's!! yummy food! :D

Animated Confessions


Going old but going more prettier pa :) ang daming pagkaen Happy Fiesta!


Going old but going more prettier pa :) ang daming pagkaen Happy Fiesta!

Apple Borbon said...

@pettit mom. thank you!

@liby's11. yes, they're good. really love their chicken.

@kulapitot. naks thank you! happy fiesta hahaha