Monday, August 26, 2013

someone's getting fat, yadaah yadaah

No one really believes me when I say I'm getting fat, well, until recently when my tummy made its all time biggest bulge. Suddenly, everyone in the house agrees with me. Mom would even answer me with "ang takaw mo, eh." Hehehe. I plea guilty.

Here's what happened. Early last month, I had to fake my appetite since I noticed I'm getting thin. I literally forced myself to eat a lot, then I got used to it - not much to my surprise. Have I ever said I have a love-hate relationship with my weight? I'd realize I'm getting thin, I'd eat a lot and then I'd gain weight; I'd realize I'm getting bigger, I'd eat less and then I'd lose weight. The cycle used to be that easy. Not this time.

Matter of factly, I'm resting from another zumba session right now. By the way, if you happen to be leaving in a cave and you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a sample zumba video I posted before. And oh, leave your freaking cave once in a while. :* Moving on, I already have other videos but I have yet to learn them. Thanks again to our fellow blogger, Bee, for sending them over.

Just to show off, oops, I mean to share hehehe, here are some photos from two of my recent zumba sessions. And yes, I love dressing up appropriately despite the fact that no one will see me. Heeey, I work out while locked up in my room.

excuse the side fats, aka love handles

Jumping to the fashion aspect of this post, both set of workout clothes are from Forever 21. I sure am loyal to this brand, it gets annoying. Well, hello there, mom. :)

That's it! I just had to share what's keeping me busy lately. Though aside from this, July & August were made for going out with friends so expect more life stories. As I always say, I have penchant for documenting life, so please bear with me.




Sana magawa ko din to , losing weight lols

Jewel Delgado said...

wowww! sexy naman! na prepressure tuloy ako sis! :)

Jewel Clicks

Unknown said...

you are not look fat. I am trying also to set up for my abs but haven't started any exercise since busy mom here. Dear, your body is just about right ^_^

Aiza said...

Love the blog revamp! :) I missed reading you. Sis, if mataba ka, ano na lang ako?!

sherene said...

i love ur work out clothes!:)
too bad no forever 21 outlet in ilocos, have to wait pagluwas ng manila.

Superjaid said...

I also need to lose weight. I really hate my tummy fats. Ugh!! Good luck to us sis.

Sybil said...

looking good!! love the second gym outfit!!

Animated Confessions

Apple Borbon said...

@kulapitot. kaya mo yaaan!

@jewel clicks.i'm getting fat na nga eh. :(

@pettit mom. thank you! made me feel better!

Apple Borbon said...

@miss 'chievous. thank you! papayat din tayo! :)

@shere. thank youu! it's worth the wait naman.

@superjaid. good luck to us.

@libys11. thank youuu! :)