Thursday, September 5, 2013

wetpooh once again

Few days after my birthday, I met up with one of my closest group back in college - Wetpooh. Did you just raise your eyebrows with what I said? Yes, Wetpooh! Hahaha! I was lucky with my block mates in college 'cause we were really bonded. At one point the groups called themselves Wetpaint, Wetsaks, Wetpaks and of course us, Wetpooh. Sobrang korni if you think about it but at that time tuwang tuwa kami sa mga sarili namin. Hahaha!

Anyway, we really didn't plan this get together but when Lia greeted me on my birthday, she gave the idea of seeing each other. Being the kaladkarins that we are, go naman kami. We went to Eastwood again. Apparently most of us are comfortable with the place. I once lived there while Lia and Tricia once worked there. Yeah, that's how I remember it.

Tin was the first one to arrive and I was next. We roamed around Eastwood while waiting for the two. We even saw Chito with Neri and then Sam. Since we haven't decided where to eat, Tin and I stayed at Starbucks first. 

When Lia and Tricia arrived, we stayed at Starbucks for a while to start catching up. Funny how when Tin and I were telling the two about Sam, Tricia suddenly saw Sam arrive in the coffee shop. Speaking of the devil moment. Only that it was a good looking one. Hehe. :)

Need I say what happened next? Syempre, nagpapicture kami. It was actually my first time to ask for a photo from a celebrity. Nadala lang ako sa kilig ni Lia. Hahaha! After that, I kind of like Sam already 'cause he seemed nice. Fan girl bigla?

fan girl moment ♥

We then decided to have dinner at Friday's. I have to be honest, it was a bit difficult to make the conversation going. I guess because we didn't see each other for a really long time. It's true what they say, the more you talk to each, the more you'll never run out of things to talk about. We are the exact opposite, that explains.

Despite that, I'd say we were still able to catch up - a little about love life and a lot about work. At our age, we are supposed to be talking about kids and building our own home but apparently we aren't. Is it just us o di na talaga uso mag-asawa ng maaga? Haha!

on nom nom
love the dessert ♥

By the way, here's an OOTD. Maisingit lang. Hahaha! It was few minutes of fun taking our parting photos. Andaming bloopers.

Tin - Tricia - Apple

Tin - Lia - Apple

After our Friday's stint, we dropped by J.CO to buy pasalubong. I even almost lost my phone there 'cause I left it in the wash room. I went out ahead of Tin and I left it in the sink. Jusmio! Good thing we still have good Samaritans and someone told Tin I left my phone.Whoever that girl is, God bless her. :)

As we head home, Lia dropped Tin and Tricia to where they'll catch their ride home. On the other hand, Lia and I had extended kwentuhan 'cause she sent me home. Thank you so much, Bullie! :* We call each other that by the way. Another college ka-kornihan.

Thanks again, girls! 'Til next time. :)



kamilktea_ said...

I died a little upon seeing sam milby,, waaaaaaaaaaaah

Aiza said...

Mini reunion! Us din, none of my barkadas are talking about marriage yet. :) The now generation. Hay.

Superjaid said...

Happy times!! Sarap nga nung dessert. Ugh!

hazel said...

i saw sam milby personally before too! he looks like a puppy to me, for some odd reason. hahaha but a cute puppy naman :P

Apple Borbon said...

@kamilkshake. hahaha ang gwapo nya kasi eh. :P

@miss 'chievous. dbaa? hahaha

@superjaid. sarap talagaaa

@hazel. hala bat puppy? kawawa naman si sam. :P