Friday, September 27, 2013

our little ball of crazy

I just thought I'd let everyone know I'm still alive. My last post is all sorts of ugly, remember? Ugh. But fret no! I'm feeling better now. I'm just going through soda, coffee & junk food withdrawals. Hehehe.  

Perfect for the uplifting that this blog needs, the next item in my drafts is a post dedicated to my niece - a photo dump of her actually. We had some sort of photo shoot in my room 'cause she just won't stop changing clothes, my clothes! Hahaha!

It made me realize I have a growing number of her photos already and it's high time that I share them here. I've been uploading them on Facebook non-stop though. I'm a stage aunt, I know.

Okay, let's begin with photos from the said photo shoot..

she insisted that the hanging string is a strap
she only saw one string though

so we went to the kitchen and she found her favorite
TUYO.. no less!

Let's move on to photos from our day to day craziness. I swear she's extra kulit when I'm around. I'm guilty of tolerating her, on the other hand. Self-confessed kunsintidor. :P 

messing up with the calamari I'm preparing
Aside from being cray cray with me, she loves messing up with my stuff too. From my clothes and accessories to my makeups and gadgets. Everything! Lahat ng akin, kanya rin. How can I ever say no to this young fella?

tinkering with my laptop while wearing my dress pa whuuut

She loves playing in my window too! I remember playing there too with my cousins when I was a kid. We'd eat there, sleep there, hide there. Lahat na! Ang saya-saya sa bintana ko. Hahaha!

seating by my window while playing in my phone

sleeping for real in my window
Speaking of sleeping, here are some photos of her sleeping in my bed with her paraphernalia - meme {bottle of milk}, pier {pacifier} and cow {her favorite pillow}.  She'd say when she's sleepy, "meme, pier, cooow". Hehehe. Bossy like that but still too adorbs. ♥

Let's cap this post with some photos of our recent day out. The Zagu she's holding? That's mine! Hahaha! Lahat na lang talaga! Made me always kid around na ikakabit ko na sya sa pwet ko. Hehehe.

puurty baby ♥

Anyway, thanks for the words of concern blogger friends. I'll be dropping by your blogs after my lunchieee. I miss the blogging world. Ahuuuh, ahuuhh!



ZaiZai said...

Your niece is super cute and kikay :) I really like her picture of her holding her fave tuyo and her sleeping - sleeping kids are the cutest :)

Thanks for sharing Apple! :)

Only Yesterday Blog said...

awww cutie patootie!
thanx for dropping to my blog, I followed you also :)

Aiza said...

ang cutte. Idol ka niyan. Love the last pick. Dalagita lang ang peg. :)

Pwede pa tambay din sa bintana mo? Parang ang saya saya jan ah. hehe

Unknown said...

super cute!!!!!! love your niece.. big love for her!!!! <3<3
love your post! wanna follow each other? let me know dear.. I'll follow back for sure♥


She will follow ur footsteps :) blogger din yan in the future

Jhanz said...

Ang cute nya! Pwede na syang maging model!