Thursday, September 19, 2013

sick yet again

I'm sick again! Whuddafuuddgge!! I was brought to the doctor the other day because I was puking and poopin' non-stop. I even threw up at the clinic while waiting for my turn. Hehehe. Dyahe! Apparently, it was hyper acidity. The culprit? All the coffee and soda I ingested. It's official, no more soda, no more coffee. Mom has decided too, no more junk foods. KILL ME NOOOWW!!

This brings me to another point. I got sick THRICE already since I left my job! This hyper acidity being the third. That doesn't even include the usual cough-colds-fever combo.  Di naman ako masyadong sakitin, noh? :P

Back in April, Chikungunya pestered our family. Came out, there have been breakouts in different cities and provinces in our country. I read somewhere too that there was {not sure if there still is} a breakout in Africa. I'll leave it up to Wikipedia to give you a clear understanding of the said disease. Personally though, I had fever, rashes and joint pains. Despite how awful I felt, I chose not to get confined. Mas lalo pa akong mamamatay sa injection. Hahaha! My mom and our youngest got confined on the other hand.

Let me show you how my arm looked like.. Tingin pa lang, ang kati na. Gross, sorry! :)

My second casualty was back in June. I was rushed to the hospital because I fainted in our kitchen. I hurt my shoulders and arms, broke my lips and chin, and as I regained consciousness, I started crying. I'm not only scared of injections and the likes, I'm scared of blood too. Patalunin nyo na ko sa bangin, wag lang ako kuhanan ng dugo, seriously. 

The funny part of that incident was how my sister reacted. She was the one who saw me on the floor, face full of blood and crying. She began crying too with lines "ateeee ateee". Imagine the scenes in local movies or TV shows when someone just died? Kulang na lang sabihin nya na "ateee ateeee!! bat mo kami iniwan?" Hahaha! As soon as I felt better, we began making fun of the incident.

And oh, I fainted because I didn't eat the night before and I woke up really late. I was in the kitchen to prepare my food when I got dizzy. I didn't make a big deal out of it because I get dizzy all the time. Turned out, it was worse than the usual. Meeh. I should have seated or something when I felt it. 

And now, I'm on my third battle this time against hyper acidity. I need all the luck in the world. I'd die without coffee and soda. Then again, I might be exaggerating. Kasing OA ng mga pagkakasakit ko this year. Shizz.

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Eagleman said...

wow yung sa 1st pic nagka ganyan din ako hehehe ^_^ sobrang kati! parang hindi na ako tao kasi puro batik batik na lol! anyway.. take care of yourself.. iwasan ang bawal kung kakayanin XD

Aiza said...

Sis, ang malas mo naman this year. :( Di ako maka get over sa pag faint mo sa kitchen. Nakaka bigla yun if ako sister mo.

I hope you get well soon na. And say babay to sickness naman. Ber months na. Be healthy and don't skip meals!!

Unknown said...

I do experience rushes and itchy when i was a kid and look similar on what have on your skin. I remember, that family told me, not to touch. might other people say allergy. hope you feel better

SunnyToast said...

I Also suffered from Chikungunya good thing I check my self to the clinic. I had series of lab test and even have ultra sound coz i might have bladder stone.

grh..I took alot of medcnes...kalowka!

Unknown said...

Awww.. seems like you're battling a lot of stuff. Take a good rest and follow doctor's orders. I hope you get well soon!

Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

sherene said...

take care of urself darling!

Only Yesterday Blog said...

hope you feel better now, always take care of yourself 'cause its important :)

Apple Borbon said...

@eagleman. tawang tawa ako sa parang hindi na tao. hahaha

@miss 'chievous. oo nga. thanks sis. :*

@lovely mom. thank you. i'm feeling better now.

@sunnytoast. yes! kaloka talaga yun.

Apple Borbon said...

@christine. i will. thank you!

@sherene. i will. :)

@sarah rigaza. yup yup! thank you.