Tuesday, February 4, 2014

rivercreek farm

Last month's highlight was our impromptu mini vacay at Rivercreek Farm. It's a farm in Guiguinto, Bulacan that's being managed by my cousin's hubby. They moved there way back and we've been wanting to visit ever since. Obviously, life happened again and it was only mid last month that we were able to visit. Biglaan pa!

It was Saturday morning when we were contemplating a visit the next day. My sister then told Teigs {our cousin} and that's when we found out that kuya Marvin {her hubby} will be running errands later that day. Instead of bargaining for a Sunday visit, my sister agreed to meet them after lunch of Saturday. FAIL! Only mom, me and my two sisters were available that afternoon. Papi was tired from the long week of work and my brother just woke up from a Friday gimmick.

Anit {my sister} was rushing us the whole morning 'cause according to her, kuya Marvin will pick us up at 1pm. We were at the meeting place at around 1:30 if my estimate is right. Que Horror! We've finished our dessert already, incidentally saw half of Foursome, and still haven't heard from our sundo.  Apparently, kuya Marvin didn't receive Anit's text message. I sent another one despite of her annoyance and that's the only time we got a reply. I was already pissed when they arrived at around 3pm. For the record, I'm blaming my sister for her inefficient organizing skills. Hahaha! And yes, maiksi talaga ang pasensya ko. Sorry na! :P

We got there at around 5:30. They began taking photos as soon we got down our ride. They also started roaming around after we have settled. Tapos ako, ayun nagmumukmok sa isang sulok. Hehehe. Don't get me wrong though, I rarely do that. Medyo masama lang talaga ang tama ng sumpong 'cause it was the time of the month. Girls, I know you understand. :) Anyway, they fetched me up for dinner and I had no choice but to go with them, else I'd die of hunger. After that, I felt a little lighter and I slowly let go of my ugly monster side.

What was supposed to be a day visit turned into an impromptu overnight stay. Teigs was more than willing to rummage their closet to look for nighties that we can borrow. When we were finally ready for bed, we squeezed in a short kulitan with our nephew, Marcus. Yep, he's the little warrior I blogged about before. He's still fighting Neuroblastoma and is undergoing treatments so your prayers are very much needed and appreciated. :)

I woke up before sunrise the next day 'cause it was super cold. Teigs was up early too so she served me breakfast while waiting for the others to wake up. Also, Dana brought her lappy and it kept me entertained until the crack of dawn. Then I made the most out of the morning by taking selfies and photos of the place. Sarap ng walang kaagaw sa limelight. Hehehe.

good morning, Bulacan ❤

Of course when my bitches woke up, I got demoted from model to photographer. Our favorite prop was the tractor. We'd ride it and do different haciendera poses. Mga feeling, when in reality kahit bike wala kami. Hahaha! Mom joined the riot too. Kunwari pa naiinis sa instructions ko, tapos nakapagpalit agad ng profile picture. Parents nowadays. 

Joyce aka Anit



We stayed down the bar for a while then kuya Marvin accompanied us to see the sheep and goats. It was fun giving them grass to eat. Although the big ones, and those with horns are kind of scary.  Lalo't di ko naman pinangarap ang masungay ng kambing. :P

Quick snack then we headed to the ponds to fish. Can I just say that it was SOOO FRUSTRATING?? I'm a frustrated many things but If I have to choose the worst one.. that would be this, FISHING. Next would be biking, then wakeboarding, then sandboarding. See? Told you there's a lot. Going back to fishing, it's been my frustration since Boracay 2012 happened. We went fishing and only one among seven actually caught a fish. So that's easier to accept. But this one??!! Anit caught four while Dana caught two.. AND.I.GOT.NOTHING. Bilad na bilad na 'ko, wala pa rin! The conclusion? I was too loud and maligalig for this hobby. But I'm not giving up just yet.. you'll see.

on the way to the fish pond

Lunch came next. While we had sinigang for dinner, we had adobo for lunch. Teigs cooking never fails. I'm a fan of my father's cooking and only Teigs can put up a fight. Above all, almost everything is organic in their farm - from their food, to their drinks, to their lotions and topical creams, down to their meds. Full-fledged quack doctor na ang pinsan ko. Hehe. She's also very willing to share her knowledge to the point that mom was almost convinced to switch to everything organic.

We then prepped to head home. And because Teigs is the awesomest of all awesome hosts, may mga baon pa kami - organic rice, epsom salt, clothes.. pati halaman gusto pang ipadala. Hahaha! Kuya Marvin was equally awesome too, sending us again all the way to TriNoma. Whewww!!

Thanks a bunch again Teigs and kuya Marvin! May God continue to bless your beautiful family especially our little warrior. We shall see you again soon. And oh, can't wait for Xana! ❤



Melgie Campbell said...

Looks like you have too much spending quality time with your friends and experience awesome stuff along the way. I don't like na masunggay na kambing din hahaha. Although they are cute sometimes they could be mean who knows.

in.the.jungle.of.fashion. said...

lovely photos :)
What about follow each other?
Let me know :)
have a lovely day <3

Jhanz said...

Wow sounds like a lot of fun! I wanna go and have a quick vacation na din tuloy. Hehe. :)

Hoping for the best for your nephew! Will include him in my prayers. :)

Sybil said...

looks like a fun trip!!! parang ang daming activities na ginawa niyo. :D

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Czarina Mae said...

Wow so fun! I've always wanted to try staying in a farm. So jelly of you here! Haha. :))

Anna Moore said...

great post!let’s follow each other on gfc&bloglovin?
flw me and tell where u’ve followed me!

Shayne ♥ said...

ahaha i love the haciendera poses! para talaha kayong anak ng may ari ng hacienda on this pics :D love reading your funny commentaries talaga!

Apple Borbon said...

@melgie campbell. hahaha yes, they can be bad. we'll never know. :P

@in the jungle of fashion. i'll check out your blog dear.

@jhanz. thank you! really appreciate that.

@libys11. fun indeed!

@czarina mae. don't worry, you make me jelly a lot of times too. hahaha!

@anna moore. i'll check out your blog too. :)

@shayne. thank youu!! you make me love my kakornihan more.