Sunday, January 27, 2013

day6: fishing and snorkeling

Day 6. Our last day in La Carmela. The extension of our accommodation was only until Friday because they were fully booked already. Although our checkout time was at 12 pm, we looked for another place early. Kuya Ace recommended St. Vincent Cottages near La Carmela.We transferred even before our checkout time.

lipat bahay

As soon as we have settled, we went out for brunch, where else.. at Andok's of course! 

while waiting for our food

We then headed to station 3 to begin with our fishing and snorkeling adventure. By the way, station 3 is where all the activities start. The operators' booths are there. All the speed boats, jet skis, etc. are parked there. It is as such obviously for safety. Stations 1 and 2 are mainly for swimming. Most accommodations and restaurants are there. The difference would be station 1 is more for the upper class if you know what I mean. :)

So anyway, we got our fishing/snorkeling package for P1600 {or P1200? Let me get back to you on that :P}. We went fishing first. Boy, it was so frustrating. Only Mark was able to catch a fish but still with the help of one of the boatmen. He even said he can't claim full credits for it. Hahaha! We were even playing jokes to the boatmen that they brought props and they were only pretending to have caught each fish.

on our way to the fishing spot

all smiles before we got frustrated

mga mapangpanggap!

After fishing, we went to the snorkeling spot. The good, they have acceptable snorkeling equipment. The bad, I am not fond of snorkeling. Hahaha! I got so tired of it after our Puerto Princesa trip. So instead of snorkeling, I spent the entire time floating. Lying in the water, not caring about everyone else. After some time, we all hurried back to our boat because jelly fish has conquered the area. It's like we were attacked. Haha! On our way back, we found buko and ice cream vendors. Grabe, only in the Philippines. I was amazed!

snorkeling time

We had ample time to rest and freshen up before dinner. I've been forcing them for several nights already to try other buffets, particularly seafood. It was the night they finally agreed to. We availed of a seafood buffet for P300. Definitely the best meal of our Boracay trip. You know I go crazy over seafoods too. Om nom nooom! xD

on nom noomm

After dinner, while the rest headed straight to St.Vincent's, Juvani Ruel and I stayed out. I had my hair braided, Ruel and I had our henna tattoos retouched and Juvani got a massage. Yet another day well spent. 

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