Tuesday, November 26, 2013

it's always a good time

We don't even have to try. It's always a good time! Woah-oh-oh-oh. Woah-oh-oh-oh. It's always a good time! ♫♪♪ Yes, I am singing! Be glad you can't here my song over this blog, you'll regret it!

What's with the song? I just feel it's the perfect theme when I'm with a certain group of friends - Foursome. I love that we're the no muss, no fuss type. Don't you just love a drama free environment? I know you do. ;) And on top of that, we're effortlessly fun together. Nakaupo lang sa damo, hindi pa bermuda, okay na. Wala lang sandalan sa van yung isa, tawang tawa na.

Two Saturdays ago, we celebrated Tiny's birthday at their home in Bulacan. It's not even the part of Bulacan that's near our house; I had to travel all the way to Cubao to meet them and finally travel to Sta. Maria all together. Wheeww! But as expected, it was worth the long transit. 

The afternoon started with an impressive lunch. It was too much for six people - the four of us plus Tiny's mom and sister. Too bad I made the mistake of drinking soda, tumbling ang tiyan ko the whole day. Hyperacidity, remember? Still, I made it a point to try every dish to compensate tita's pag-aalaga. She's the epitome of a hospitable mom. It made me so grateful.

Tiny and Job's concert followed, then an attempt to watch a movie. Finally at late afternoon, we went out of the house. And with Tiny's DLSR in tow, alam na!

# ootd

Yet again, Monique was the main subject. Job usually puts up a good fight but he was not his usual self that day. And me? Humility aside but I have the biggest role. Hide under the shade!! Ohaaa! Kaya nyo yuuun! Wala pala kayo eh! Hahaha!

Job's new phone kept me company though. Aba, kung nakakaganda ang camera, selfie na yaaan! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a copy of our photos. Keeping my fingers crossed that I really look decent in them. Alam naman natin na mataas ang haggard tendencies ko. Hehehe.

huli sa aktong pagseselfie :P

Tummy ache and all, we strolled around the village. The trees, lawns and vacant lots were breathers from the hustle and bustle of the cities. We stayed at a grassland the longest and I really loved how we just sat there while catching up. As much as I love adventures, I appreciate quiet times too, a lot as a matter of fact.

the birthday boy

Monique's photography skillzz

chillin like villains

Here's a funny story. See the collage below? Tiny posted the upper left photo on Facebook with the caption 'Spread the Love." I honestly didn't like the idea because for one, I'm cynical about love and second, people might actually believe it. But being the anti-drama person that I am, I did not make a big deal out of it. Eff!! I regret not asking Tiny to delete it early on 'cause some vulnerable souls  actually believed it and started asking me, one even asked my sister. More asked Monique in the office. I couldn't care less, people, I couldn't care less.

spread the.. uhmm..

foursome ♥

Moving on, snack welcomed us when we got back to their house. Few hours after, dinner naman! We also had so much food for the night. We were so spoiled by Tiny's mom, you have no idea. Sa sobrang hiya ko, parang gusto ko nang maghugas ng pinggan. Hahaha!

Even on our way home, there was no dull moment. Monique and I had endless chismisan on the bus. We were even laughing and singing loudly to the point lolo Job had to stare at us like a true blue lolo. The three of us had to part ways in Cubao and lolo Job made it up to Monique and me by accompanying us in catching our rides. Sweet, like a true blue lolo. I kid, I kid! :P Thanks again, guys!

*photos from Tiny, edited by yours truly


June | Life and Spices said...

Ang kulit lang eh. Nakakingit. Masaya talaga pag kumpleto kayo ng pinka besties mo.. WiTH FOODAH! heheheh.

Parang ang bongga naman yata ng suot niyo for grass. lels. ANTM ang drama.

Ang saya pag masyadong generous ang mother ng friend naten no. Nakakatuwa. God bless Apple!

Pareng Cyron said...

Hi Ms. Apple... =)

Shayne ♥ said...

aw nice pictures :) bagay sa song na stuck in my head na :)

ZaiZai said...

Na chismis ka pa Apple dahil sa spread the love collage hehe :)

Really nice how some friendships are, walang arte, pure fun and bonding lang over simple things, just like how you are with your friends :)

Ganda ng pics! At pretty much ka Apple :)


Bagay sayo ang suot mo , pahiram hihi

Sophielou said...

Lovely pictures, that skirt is gorgeous! xxx

Jhanz said...

Ang saya naman! Sana may katropapips din akong ganitech!

aki! said...

Your photos are so cute!

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Shayne ♥ said...

hi sis just droppin by to inv you to join my holiday giveaway, just posted it on my blog :) happy thanksgiving!

Aleena said...

LOVE LOVE ur blog! u are so stunning!
would you like to followa each other? following you now xxo


Apple Borbon said...

@june. nakakaloka, i had to search pa what ANTM means. haha. God bless you too. :)

@cyron agustin. halleeer!

@shayne. thanks! sorry it got stuck in your head. hehe. and yes, i'll check you giveaway out. thanks for inviting me, sis. :)

@zaizai. thank youu! ganda gandahan lang yan kunyari. :P

@kulapitot. sige lang. payat ka naman :P

Apple Borbon said...

@sophielou. thanks dear!

@jhanz a. you'll find good friends as you age, don't worry.

@aki. thanks girl!

@aleena. thank you! followed you back. ;)

busyok said...

hi apple,
first timer po.
nice photos and cute models :-)

Apple Borbon said...

@busyok. hi! thanks for dropping by. :)