Friday, March 7, 2014

first of march

Can you guess what's so special with the first day of March? Anymore guesses? Yep yep! It's my father's birthday! ❤ He also happens to share the same birth date with my cousin so that makes the day a lot more special.

March 1st was a Saturday and my brother had a school commitment so we planned to celebrate the next day. Nothing grand, just a visit to our favorite church and probably a nice dinner at home. But mommy {my cousin's wife} was unstoppable as usual. She's done baking three cakes and tons of cupcakes by Friday night. Saturday morning, Dana and I were forced to help in making icing and designing papi's cake. My niece joined too so it was triple the riot. Haha! Mine and Dana's cake turned out looking like a wedding cake and Faye's, a Valentine's cake. Heehee! Only mommy's designs were decent enough for a birthday celebration. 'Nuff said!

We really didn't have the chance to sit down and eat together like a happy family celebrating a birthday. Mommy and daddy had visitors but we didn't bother joining them. Each had their own businesses -- Gigi and Anit {my brother and sister, respectively} went out of the house, Dana {another sister} was busy looking for papi's old photos, and I.. I was busy trying to give my eyebrows a good shape. Hahaha! Of all days, sa birthday pa ng tatay ko! I'm the bombbb, yeah!

I was about to leave the house and meet Jhov when they suddenly thought of taking photos, and eating too of course. I knew I was in trouble 'cause they didn't know I was leaving. Hehehe. I managed to join for a couple of photos and taste uhmm.. nanay's {mommy's mom} lumpiang shanghai and the pancit malabon they ordered from idunnowhere. I had to escape when Jhov was already turning into a mad monster. ✌
teenagering couple #1 :P

teenagering couple #2 :P

I was Jhov's personal shopping assistant, yet again. Check out these posts from September, December and January. There's actually one more that I wasn't able to 'document' 'cause we were in a hurry. This time, we made the most out of the midnight sale and she literally shopped til we both dropped. As in pagod na pagod kami and even after stuffing our tummies, di pa rin namin kaya tumayo. Hahaha! It was worth it though, she gave me this gift card she got from work {supposedly her Christmas gift for me but was forgotten countless times :P} and I got myself a knuckle ring. Woohoo! I'm scared this will start a new obsession but whatever.. Thanks Jhov!

I still have more stories re: papi's birthday but that would have to wait til my next post. I knew it! This month's gonna be amazinggg. ❤


Imemily said...

so warmth feeling
hmm...I'm quite jelly of your close family relationship...just kidding
Have a nice day ahead
Just following you back

Czarina Mae said...

Ang sayaaaa! Hahaha. In fairness, mukhang for wedding talaga yung mga cakes, especially the white cake at the top left. Haha! Galing :)

Belated happy birthday to your dad ulit :)

Unknown said...

A very happy birthday to your father! It looks like you all have a ton of fun and enjoyed each other's company. I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’ or GFC! Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

s a r t o r i a l d i n e r

Rah said...

There's nothing like a happy family. :)

Aiza said...

Ang saya niyo sis. Close family ties talaga! Lol sa nag aayos ng kilay. hihi, neway, you prolly know this. Kasi may connection tayo whatsoever. You knew kaagad after ilang minutes or hours ng pag post mo. I'll tell you pa rin anyway: Something's waiting for you in here:
Rock today, love.

Jewel Delgado said...

awww... happy birthday to your dady! this post makes me miss my dad too! :D

Jewel Clicks

Tsina said...

at gumala ka pa din talaga, hahaha. happy birthday sa papi mo. :P

Jhanz said...

Wow! The cake looks extremely yummy!!!

Happy birthday to your dad!

haze said...

it sure will, love :)

you all look adorable, by the way. i liked everything about this post (esp. the cakes!)

p.s. he! he! thanks for the follow, following back <3

Glamour ZONE said...

great post dear.The cake looks so yummy
keep intouch

Sybil said...

love the shorts sweater look!! :D belated happy bday to him! :D

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Apple Borbon said...

@emily. thank you!

@mae. hahaha my sister and I did it. late na when we realized it's better kung blue yung icing. :P

@sartorial diner. sure dear! i'll leave you a comment.

@rah. yasss!

@aiz. thanks again! promise i'll make a post about that. :)

Apple Borbon said...

@jewel. aww. visit him again na lang. :)

@tsina. syemps! nagcelebrate namin kami ulit the next day haha! miss you! :*

@jhanz. it was. although I didn't bake it myself. hehe!

@haze. yaay! thanks!

@glamour zone. thanks!i will.

@libys11. thanksss! :)