Tuesday, December 3, 2013

'til mockingjay?

Is there even a God of diligence? Because if there's one, I might have summoned it in my dreams last night making me so sipag today. I just gave my self a pat on the back. Good job, self. :P

Anyway, if you've been hanging around with me for a good while, you probably know how sickly I've been this year. Turned out it ain't over yet. I visited a new doctor and she requested that I be tested for something. Jhov accompanied me to FEU because as embarrassing as it is, I am scared as heck with injections and blood. I've lost count of the number of times I cried over medical examinations. I just can't help it!

We had to stay for almost an hour more at the hospital because I got dizzy as usual. My hands were numb for a while then it began shaking like crazy. I was able to warn Jhov though. She came prepared seeing me teary-eyed and pale.

We then headed to a bazaar at Novaliches. Unfortunately, there wasn't much that tickled our fancy. She got two pairs of earrings while I got none. We ended up eating na lang. We had barbecue, kwek kwek and mango graham shake. The last was surprisingly good.

taking selfies in the midst of eating

We didn't want to part ways early so we thought of watching a movie. It wasn't even a question what to see as Catching Fire was showing already. Incidentally, we were also together when we saw the first part of the trilogy. So I guess we'll see Mockingjay together on purpose. I found my Hunger Games buddy, yaay!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

As if the long day wasn't enough, she went with me at home. She's been in our house couple of times already so it wasn't really a biggie. She knows my sister too so it was the three of us in my room camwhoring and chit-chatting.

The photo below has got to be my favorite. Anit suggested that we do a rock pose and we obeyed wholeheartedly with matching sound effects pa.. "raawwrr!! raawwrr!!" We were like that until the timer actually stopped and took a photo of us. And it's only after that did we realize that we sounded so crazy and it's even useless because it's just a freakin' photo. Silly souls!


Dinner came next and believe me when I say we wiped out a tremendous amount of food. The theme of the day was Hunger Games so we were just living it. Aminin, it was a legit excuse. Haha! Sharing of photos and movies capped the night before she was finally fetched by her cousin. 

It may always be a long day when I'm with these creature but I really do not mind. Our friendship has surprisingly gone a long way after college and I can't see the coming years without her around.


Czarina Mae said...

I've watched Catching Fire too and it was good! Can't wait for Mockingjay. Hahaha. I really wanna taste that mango graham shake. Sounds soooo yummy!

Shayne ♥ said...

hahaha gagamitin ko din that excuse kumain ng marami when we watch hunger games! :) but seriously sis will pray for your health, did you get the results? i hope its nothing very bad. take care!

June | Life and Spices said...

Nakakaingit naman. Lage kang may ganyan na activity. Friends coming over your house tas kainan.

Anita said...

lovely blog :)

Sybil said...

lasting friendships are the best! :D

can't wait to see hunger games!

Animated Confessions

Apple Borbon said...

@czarina mae. yeess, it is yummy!

@shayne. got it na. it's something serious but i'm not dying just yet. :)

@june. force your friends to catch up! haha!

@anita. thank you dear. i'll check your blog out.

@libys11. indeed! goo, it a must see.