Tuesday, January 7, 2014

four times the laughter

Jhov and I met between the holidays to squeeze in her late Christmas shopping and a rather impromptu movie night. That's how we usually roll - we ask each other for company to run errands and most of the time, shop, but we always end up catching a film too or sometimes wasting a fortune in coffee shops and arcade centers. When will we ever grow up?

It was Saturday afternoon when we managed to see each other sans mobile communication. I lost my phone, remember? We only got to decide through Facebook the 'when and where' then left the rest to luck. Voila! Nagkita naman kami. Feeling ko I defied the impossible by leaving the house without a trusty phone. Ohaa, kaya nyo yun? :P

Contrary to what I expected, we didn't immediately begin with her shopping. Instead, she brought up the idea of sine as soon as we hit the floor of the cinemas. Syempre uto-uto naman ako. Her choices were My Little Bossings, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy and Pagpag. While Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy was fine with me, I was considering Kimmy Dora and 10,000 Hours also. But with my blog post title, I bet you already know what we chose. Yes, we picked out the hilarious movie Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy. No regrets, it was one heck of a funny movie. And why not, I've seen Petrang Kabayo and Praybeyt Benjamin with Tin, Sisterakas with Jhov, and all of those movies gave me a good laugh. Here's a shameless confession: my anti-local movies self would only watch a local movie when it's either Vice Ganda or Eugene Domingo. Other than that, forget it. Sorry, JLC!

Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy

our chubby cheeks and matching hair color after seeing the movie

After our movie stint, I started playing the role of a personal shopper slash stylist to Jhov. She said she needed a new pair of pants but she didn't just buy one, she hoarded! Ang loka-lokang yun, akala mo mauubusan ng pantalon. If not for the art of taking selfies, I could have lost my sanity waiting for her outside the fitting room. Post snack, we turned the mall upside down searching for the perfect gift for her boss. I suggested a Parker pen among others but in the end, she got a Starbucks tumbler. Most creative gift, eveeer! Hahaha!

patiently waiting for my master ✌
Before heading home, I thought of visiting a midnight bazaar but I was too exhausted to even tell her my idea, besides she has a commitment the following day. Oh well, better luck next time, self.



Melgie Campbell said...

I'm gonna watch out for the Girl boy bakla tomboy movie... I bet it is hilarious...:)

Joy said...

Maybe I will find time to see PInoy movies pag uwi ko:)

June | Life and Spices said...

I think dapat humabol pa ako sa Movie ni Vice, PAgpag ang Lil Bossing were okay. I want a good laugh din. HAyyyy... Sige sa off I'll watch.. ahaha bilis mag isip eh.

Irene said...

JLC is my ultimate local showbiz crush. Just sharing lol It's great to know that you got to enjoy the Vice Ganda movie with your friend! :-)

Jhanz said...

Di talaga ako fan ni Vice Ganda kaya di ko pinanuod e. Hehe. :3

Mukha namang okay :3

Putri Valentina said...

love your bag dear :D


Sybil said...

omg!!! that movie is gonna hit my city here in canada!! can't wait to see it as well!! :D

Animated Confessions

Jewel Clicks said...

Cool bonding with your friend :) Hindi ko pa napapanood ung movie but of course, I wanna watch it too! :D

Czarina Mae said...

Hahahaha OMG. I love Vice Ganda! I don't usually get the chance to watch Pinoy movies here. But I'm really hoping I get to watch GBBT one day. Looks sooooo hilarious!

Apple Borbon said...

@melgie campbell. it isss!

@joy. yaay! you'll be here. :)

@june. hahaha! oo nga, nakapagdecide ka na agad. :P

@irene. oopps, sorry! haha! i bet there's really something 'bout JLC.

@jhanz. he's funnyyy. trust me on that! ;)

Apple Borbon said...

@putri valentina. aww thanks. :)

@libys11. hope you'll like it too. :D

@jewel clicks. gooo!

@czarina mae. high fivee! if you get to see the movie, please tell me if it's really funny, else i'm mababaw lang pala. haha!

Unknown said...


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