Friday, March 18, 2016

catching up series: avie turns 2

Happy Friday, folks! Here's the third installment of the three-part birthday series -- Avie's second birthday! Checkout ate Faye's sixth birthday HERE and Mithril's first birthday HERE. I still think it's cute that the three of them celebrate birthdays consecutively. Faye on the 19th of November, Mithy on the 21st, then finally Avie on the 12th of December. Just few days apart! Diba? Sa dami dami ng araw sa isang taon! But it's actually good. One-time, big time DIY effort for the three of them. I'm actually a little worried about what's gonna happen this year 'cause I'm pretty sure I'm no longer a bum by that time {yep, currently job hunting!} and I won't have time to craft for birthday banners and other thingamajigs. I'm thinking I'd probably work on them on the weekends so I'll still have something for the kids. Yah know, I take their birthdays a little too seriously. Hehehe! #ThisAuntieLife

Anyway, Avie had a pretty much simple birthday celebration. I guess that's the norm when you're two, and even three. Because you're no longer one to have something grand and you're not yet four and you don't have a social circle yet. So for Avie, we opted to get together in their house. But of course, I still made her a banner and mommy baked her a cake. Our theme was Minnie Mouse and our little one's charm was just perfect for it.

our very charming birthday mouse

opening of gifts with ate Faye and ate Carin

We basically just ate the entire night -- and took photos in between. Haha! The thing with our family is we love documenting special days. Then again, it might be my influence on them. Ako naman kasi yung photographer and I initiate on taking photos. So yeah, I guess, it's because of me. Hahaha! IDK, I'm just too OC when it comes to life events. Or should I say I'm just too OC period?

And what else do you expect when the kids get together? CHAOS! Yep, that's right! Faye and Pops kept dancing the entire night -- dessert, nae nae, twerk it like miley, dazed and confused, you name it! They kept us entertained with their outrageous dance moves. I swear they only stopped when it was parting time. Hyper kids are hyper!

the kiddos -- Cait, Pops, Faye, Avie and Carin

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Hi Apple,

Thank you for following my blog. Such a lovely family, and your nieces and nephew are blessed with a beautiful auntie! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts in the near future. Feel free to drop by anytime!