Sunday, March 6, 2016

catching up series: faye turns 6

It seems just like yesterday when Faye turned five and now she's six. Woah! Time has no chill! Srsly, ang bilis bilis ng panahon! Aside from Faye turning six, Mithril turned one too last November. And then the following month, Avie turned two. If you've just tuned in to this blog, they are my nieces. Mithril is my brother's daughter while Faye and Avie are my cousin's babies. They are the ones who make my bum life bearable, happy even.  

So anyway, Faye celebrated her birthday at home. It was a barbie-themed DIY party. Ate Tin {Faye's mom} and I take pride in the fact that we can pull off parties on our own. She cooks and bakes while I do the decorations. My sister, Dana, helps out too! So for this celebration, aside from the usual birthday banner and dessert table decoration, I came up with balloon columns too. Sobrang naaliw ako sa paggawa that I did it again for Mithril's and Calvin's birthdays! I actually miss decorating. Makahanap nga ng may birthday. Hehehe!

not bad for a first timer :P

believe it or not, this is a cake!

For the third time around, Faye spent her special day with classmates and friends. Can you believe it? She has her own social circle now! Hayy, I still can't digest the fact that my "panganay" is all grown up. By the way, I hosted the party too. We played stop dance, the boat is sinking, trip to jerusalem and longest greeting. My favorite was trip to jerusalem, it was so fun watching the kids fight for a chair. Hahaha! The boat is sinking was funny too 'cause it was Faye who got eliminated first. Tablado ang birthday girl! 

stop dance

stop dance winners: Kristil and Pops

tawang tawa ang host when the birthday girl got eliminated

trip to jerusalem
Clarence, the little guy in black, won

longest greeting winner, Trixie

After the game, of course it was time to eat! We weren't able to take much decent photos because their living room was a mess! You know, where there are kids, there is chaos. Hehehe! There was a lot of playing, running around and pissing each other. We decided to have them watch cartoons to calm them down but in the end, they still opted to play. What can I say? Kids will always be kids!

birthday girl ❤️



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