Friday, April 1, 2016

catching up series: christmas is for kids

Merry Christmas, you guys! Hehehe! Kidding! But yeah, it's the Christmas season here on the blog. We're catching up, remember? A little more push and we'll be done with this. 3 more posts and finally it will be 2016 on A Taste of Apple. I promise. You just have to hold on a little bit longer. :)

We spent Christmas eve in our cousin's house because we're used to spending the holidays together. They used to live beside us if I haven't mentioned that before. Their house is literally beside ours with a door pa connecting our living room to theirs. Ganung level ng pagiging beside each other. So up until now, we spend all occasions together. 

As we say, Christmas is for kids. And that sums up ours exactly -- all about the kids! With kids, I mean Faye, Avie and Mithy. I know I post a lot of babies on this blog but just so we're clear, the three of them are the main babes. Mithy being my brother's baby and Faye and Avie, my cousin's wonderful kiddos. Everything has always been about them now. Every time we'd go out, or every time there's an occasion, I'd busy myself with taking their photos. My Facebook timeline is full of their photos, it doesn't seem to be owned by someone who's still single. Hahaha! And of course, Christmas is no exemption. I was occupied by trying to capture them smiling all at the same time. It was impossible, blame it to Avie and Mithy. Of course, Faye was the most cooperative. Funny how she was trying to make the two keep still. Hehe. Ate Faye's struggle is real. :P

Mithy trying to escape. Hahaha!

The kids were showered with gifts while the grown-ups got none. Hahaha! See? I told you, it's all about them now. We saved all their gifts to be opened on Christmas Eve. They even got some more post Christmas. Of course it's only ate Faye who gets to show her appreciation but I hope somehow the younger ones feel the love too. But I guess so. Because they're the sweetest, really. They would just randomly hug or kiss you. Personally, I adore them so much that I run of out of words to express how lovestruck I am. 

We didn't get to take family photos because mom acted up. I got pissed off in return and it was the end of our peaceful Christmas Eve. Hahaha! But seriously, I got pissed off because mom just wouldn't cooperate. Samantalang the next day after every occasion, she would bug me to upload photos and change her Facebook profile picture. So nainis talaga 'ko. Haha! Faye even ended up crying because she's not used to seeing me mad. So that's how we concluded our Christmas Eve. Blame mom! Okay fine. You can blame me too! :P

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