Sunday, April 3, 2016

catching up series: new year + first sunday

We're done with Christmas and now it's New Year on the blog. If we spent Christmas in my cousin's house, for New Year, they were the ones to visit us. See? There's just no way we'd spend special occasions separately. 

As usual, we had a longer NYE than Christmas Eve. Kuya Ga just wouldn't give up his traditional fireworks display. Even if life is a little more difficult now, at ang mahal ng fireworks, he really sees to it that we have a little something for New Year. One funny thing while we were watching the fireworks this year, we suddenly can't find my niece, Faye. I kept on looking for her while taking the video. Turned out, tumawid sa kapitbahay. Haha! She's not allowed to do that just yet so we panicked. But it's adorable how she wants to make friends with our neighbors. At such a young age, we can tell that she's into socializing. Napaka-friendly nya! I even saw one of her drawings featuring two young girls with the caption, "Be a friendly girl". I know, right? She's only six!

Oops, wait! What are we talking about again? Hahaha! I got a little carried away sharing how nice and sociable my niece is. Stage aunt forever. Hahaha! Anyway, let's go back. After watching the fireworks, it was time for Media Noche. Everything was traditional, actually. Including our food. I am actually looking forward to the next holiday season because we are planning to spend it differently -- probably stay in a hotel or go out of town. Maiba naman! We've been spending the holiday season traditionally since forever. Check these out: Christmas 2011 - New Year 2012, Christmas 2012 - New Year 2013, Christmas 2013 - New Year 2014, Christmas 2014 - New Year 2015, and finally, Christmas 2015. Woww! So nice to be able to look back to all those years through this blog. I really should say that although blogging is tedious, it's so rewarding whenever you browse through your own blog and look back. Nakakatuwa lang talaga. As my line goes, I have a penchant for documenting life. :)

What's nice about this New Year is that we got to take photos. Unlike during Christmas na nagkainisan kami ng nanay ko. Hahaha! And now Mithy's bigger. She was just a tiny baby with no reactions whatsoever last New Year and now, she gets to devour lumpia all by herself. Hehehe! Plus I have to say that it's so entertaining to watch Avie and Mithy interact. Avie is two while Mithy is one so they're really playmates. Checkout the photo below where Mithy tried to take Avie's pacifier so Avie bit the pier hard. Gigil na gigil sya sa pagkagat just so wag maagaw. Hahaha!

waiting for midnight

ate Faye's new found friend

Mithy versus lumpia hahaha!

pito and the kiddos ❤️

ate Faye was the first to doze off

the photo I've been telling about
this is just so cute in my eyesss ❤️

MIA: the fatsoo sister

Sucks though that this is the first New Year that we're not complete 'cause the fat sister decided not to show up. She was MIA too when we attended the year's first Sunday mass. Even Dana wasn't able to make it 'cause she had to go back to her dorm for school responsibilities. School sucks! Hehehe! Kidding, of course not. 

So we visited Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto to say our thanks for blessing us with another year to spend with each other as a family. We're extra grateful for having Mithy with us now. Iba talaga when you have a baby in your family. I'm sure you will all agree. They bring so much positivity and joy without them even knowing. Hayy.  As usual, we had to cap off the day with taking photos. Mithy was just learning to stand on her own then so I was extra giddy to take photos of her by herself. We were lucky to chance upon my mom's students too so we had a bonus family photo. Hehehe! Even that is a blessing by itself. God's simple surprises. ❤️

lookie, she's on her own!

cover photo worthy ❤️

always extra excited with their first apo ❤️

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aki! said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who ends up a few months late on these recaps!

7% Solution

Suzie Timbreza said...

you have a beautiful family apple... God bless you!

Lady_Myx said...

been doing some late posts this summer too. :D

It's so nice to see the kids grow up, though in reality, we really don't want to. We dont have babies at home anymore, how I wish having one. :D

from Myxilog with love :D