Sunday, March 29, 2020

catching up series: for our amazing dads

First of all, I would just like to remind you that it's 2016 on the blog right now. It's actually June 2016 and it's Father's day. Hehehe! Kaya ko to! Pasasaan ba't matatapos din 'tong catching up series na 'to. :P

So anyway, we usually don't celebrate days like this. I was trying to look for old posts to link up but I only found THIS, a father's day celebration back in 2011. I didn't even find one for mother's day. I  tried to recall what we usually do and I realized that oftentimes, we would only buy a cake or cook good food at home. Minsan nga, wala pa completely.

But back in 2016, it was a different story. I just got hired then, *kaching kaching* $$$, so I thought it's the perfect time to treat the family. It was actually a very happy phase in my life because I finally got back to the corporate world after three friggin' years of being a bum. The whole back story is in this POST so if you have more time to spare you can click on that link later. So ayun nga, sobrang masaya lang ako nito so aside from it was father's day, I had more reasons to celebrate.

So we went out for dinner tagging along our extended family. Yep, that's my cousin's little brood. Ayaw ko ng ikwento ulit kung bakit kami laging magkakasama. If you're curious why, you gotta read more of my posts. Hahaha! JK one half. :) We had dinner at Manam, roamed around a bit and then as usual, arcade for the kids! If my memory serves me well, parang we weren't very happy with the food at Manam. Yes they serve Filipino food, which is our all-time choice, but we felt like it's too pricey considering that the food is mediocre. 

Pero teka nga, may isa pa kong issue! Damn, look at that hair! I completely forgot that I sported a hairdo this dugyot. HAHAHA! What was I thinking?? I was so surprised when I saw the photos when I was organizing and editing them. Hay, regrets, regrets!

But if there's one thing that I'm not regretting, it is that we went out to celebrate the day of our amazing dads! (Oh, nasabi na yung title! :P Haha! Gets nyo?) It makes me feel good thinking that I've been dedicating my life in giving back to the people who took care of me, not just my parents, but my older cousins too! Unfortunately, my equally amazing aunts were taken early from us because I would have loved to do the same for them. But I know they're proud of us and they're smiling from heaven because we (my sisters and I) turned out to be #superaunties too! It's the best feeling knowing that you are able to give back and pay forward also. Syempre, all that while working on yourself too! So ayun na nga, napareflect ako! I should probably write about my childhood heroes one of these days. It's just that I got to appreciate them more, now that the tables have turned. 

But for tonight, my kwento ends here. Enjoy the photos but please don't judge my hair. I can't forgive myself either. Hahaha! :))


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