Sunday, March 15, 2020

catching up series: worthwhile weekends

Worthwhile weekends -- May 28 and June 11, specifically! Not that I remember the exact dates but you know, Facebook is there to help. :P The first Saturday, we visited the Garcias. We just wanted to spend the weekend together, cook something special and of course, eat! Kumain lang talaga ng masarap, masaya na kami! Up until now, we make it a point to spend weekends together from time to time. And we make it a point to eat good food too. Haha!


And then two Saturdays after, we visited the Chuas at Rivercreek. It's a farm that was managed for a time by my cousin's hubby. This was actually the fourth time that I visited the farm. The first time was the impromptu visit with mom and the sisters. The next one was when my sister and I took care of my nephew when my cousin gave birth to her second baby, our dear Xana banana. And the third one was a year after, for Xana's first birthday celebration. Took us another year to be able to visit again but the wait was so worth it because this time around, we're visiting as a complete family. And mind you, there was nothing special to celebrate, we really just wanted to visit. 

As usual, the kids were the stars of the day. Lagi naman eh! It felt so good seeing them having fun and enjoying nature. I myself appreciated the surroundings so much. If only it's possible to leave the city, no? Who wouldn't love staying at the farm, or by the beach. Hay sarap.

Aside from enjoying the nature, can you guess what else we enjoyed? Hehehe! Food, of course! Sometimes we joke around na kung hindi siguro kami matatakaw, mayaman na kami. Haha! But seriously, I know I've recently just mentioned this but really, food is our guilty pleasure!

We spent the day just chilling and eating at the farm. As for the kids, they enjoyed the indoor pool too! This was four years ago but I can clearly remember how happy they were! When I think about it now, has it really been four years already? It's so cliché but I really just have to say this.. time flies sooo fast!!! I honestly can't wait to progress with this catching up series so I can share their most recent photos. Oh how they've grown!

I actually have one more farm visit to write about in this catching up series. That would be the last one though because as of this writing, my cousin's hubby no longer manages the farm. Sayang! But at least we have memories to keep and to look back to. I miss you already, Rivercreek!


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