Monday, March 30, 2020

catching up series: sad reunion

Life is a backstabbing b*tch, a friend used to say. While I was on a high because of the new job opportunity, my mom's side of the family suddenly went through a dark time when my uncle got ill and eventually passed away. He is my mom's eldest brother, Uncle Nar.

I would have to admit that we are closer to my dad's side. We would regularly go out with my cousins' families or visit each other's houses. We would celebrate special occasions with them too. Meanwhile, with my mom's side, we would only get to see them when it's All Soul's day. And in the habit of linking old posts, here are some Undas reunions with the Abadilla clan at Sanctuario de Paz. It is where my lolo Macho was laid to rest. 

See? We can't even make it a regular thing as a clan. 
But of course we do visit lolo regularly even without the rest of the family. 

It's raining links, as always! :)

Anyway, speaking of reunions, we were suddenly forced into one back in June 2016 when Uncle Nar passed away. If I'm not mistaken (which I think I'm not :P), it was Mithril's first time to see some of her cousins. At this point, I have lost count of Kuya Jong's youngsters. The last time time we were all together, that was Undas 2015, he had six kids already. Fast forward to today, he has eight na yata! Grabe no? I can't even begin to imagine the daily chaos. 

A crying Mithril and the Abadilla kids
Zai, Jonnel (back), Moimoi, Lawrence, Miyuki, Neya, PJ (back), JJ, Hael & Papao
kulang pa yan! :P 

MoiMoi, Hael and JJ

Moi and Neyang

Mithril and ate Miyuki

Going back to the passing of tito Nar, he was also laid to rest in Sanctuario de Paz, in the other cemetery plot that my mom bought. It was honestly a bit on an issue cause if you think about it, my parents invested for the family's security but because their family failed to prepare for tough times like this, we had to give it up for them. Not that we ever wanna use a cemetery plot di ba, but you get what I mean. But my father was understanding of the circumstances and we just had to invest again for when the inevitable happens. But Papa Jesus, please, sa far future pa ha? :)

Whew! Family issues no? But I guess, as much as we should be there to help and support one another, we should also know where to draw the line. I am actually very proud of my mom for always being there for her relatives but sometimes, I, along with my sisters, can't help but remind her to realize what is too much already. Because ideally, everyone should work hard enough to be able to sustain themselves and their immediately family. 

As for uncle Nar in heaven, I know he's happy with all the help that mom is extending to their family. But I'd like to believe too that he'd be happier when he finally sees his grown-up sons providing enough for the household that he left behind. One day, uncle Nar! Keep guiding them from above. :)


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