Saturday, March 12, 2011

sagada day2: unwitnessed daybreak, shouting out loud and creepy coffins

sagada day1: pots, lake and then some

For our second day, our first activity was supposedly sunrise viewing at Kiltepan. We woke up early but apparently not enough to make it to Kiltepan during daybreak. According to Kuya Oscar, it is a 45-minute drive to Kiltepan so we didn't even bother trying. The sunset at Lake Danum failed us, how can the sunrise at Kiltepan not do the same? So we just took our time preparing ourselves, eating breakfast and stealing wi-fi from Lemon Pie House. Dear LPH, please forgive us. We needed to let the Facebook world know we finally set foot to Sagada. =)

somewhere between our crib and the wifi source

Moving on from the sad sunrise story, we left Kanip-aw at around 8am to start the tour. Kuya Oscar first brought us to an Episcopalian Church, St. Mary the Virgin. It was closed then so we weren't able to get in. By the way, according to Kuya Oscar most of the people from Sagada are Episcopalians. Go find out for yourself what that means. :))

just outside the church

Anyway, there's this large bell just outside the church which again according to Kuya Oscar is the church's first bell. It's almost a century-old {the bell says 1921, go compute} and has survived a fire already.

pumu-posing beside the bell :)

Also, there's a wheel in the churchyard. What the wheel was for or how it is a part of our history, I honestly do not know. Maybe, I wasn't listening then. But hey, we got great shots there. Isn't that the most important?

great shot: exhibit A

great shot: exhibit B

Our next stop was Echo Valley. On our way there, we passed by a cemetery. After doing an intensive research {chos lang}, I found out it's called Calvary Hill. Kuya Oscar said their people now prefer to bury their loved ones in that cemetery over hanging them in cliffs in Echo Valley.

tombstones everywhere, creepy

After a short walk, we arrived at Echo Valley. It was the time to shout our hearts out. Pero ang corny ko, hindi ako sumigaw. I was just concerned with the valley, baka hindi kayanin ang high-pitched voice ko. Ehem, ehem, excuses. =))

and that's Echo Valley shouting back at us them

Then it was time to take a closer look at the Hanging Coffins. It was a short but not-so-easy trek down the hill. For me it was kind of creepy. I only went near the coffins for picture's sake. Eh ganun talaga, I wasn't able to leave my chicken courage in Manila eh.

for me it's getting steep  ♪♫ ♪

take my picture fast, or else

And I bet you noticed there's a coffin that's looks pretty new. It was hung there just recently and the person inside is Kuya Oscar's relative. Can't remember exactly how they're related. Urgh, Alzheimer's. ;) But at least I can remember that most of the old coffins are relatively small because they were buried in a fetal position. Now, I feel informative. Hehe.

other  cliffs with hanging coffins
kindly encircle na lang as you find them ha?

As if the day was made for trekking, we then went to the Underground River. Haynako, ang layoooo. And if you've been to Palawan's Underground River already, you'll hardly appreciate Sagada's version. Plus gutom ka pa, wala na talagang maganda! Hahaha!

the not-so-stunning Underground River

Despite hunger and tiredness, we made it a point to visit Kiltepan. With or without the breathtaking sunrise, we needed to be there.

now, that's beautiful {oo, yung view. phbbt!}


After the photo-ops and emo shots at Kiltepan, we left for Pinikpikan House. We had brown rice, pancit, veggies and their famous pinikpikan. But you know what, I am sincerely sorry for how they prepare this dish. If I was sure about that beforehand, I won't dare try. Seriously.

take that, PETA!

The morning was over and we were full once again. 'Twas time for some rest because the dreaded spelunking is up next.

**credits go to Silin, Lelai, Jen and Jun's cameras + whoever took the pictures



Ar-Ar Malalis said...

Another Sagada Trip! you guys are all lucky!

Tsina said...

Enjoy na enjoy ka naman sa pinikpikan, ah. Hehe. =p

Apple Borbon said...

@ar-ar. you should visit sagada too. :)

@tsina. hindi kayaaaa. matabang! =p