Thursday, March 17, 2011

sagada day3: little steps to the big falls

sagada day2: certified spelunker, atleast for a day 

Just so you know, I have fever right now and is on sick leave. Crap, yes? And because I'm feeling a little better, I'm getting bored and can't think of anything else to do but.. BLOG! And no, don't expect too much from this entry. This will be more of a photo-dump since my braincells are still working below normal.

Anyhoo, for our third day, we went trekking to Bomod-Ok Falls. Yep, you read that right! T.r.e.k.k.i.n.g. again despite aching bodies and hurting legs. We were accompanied by Kuya Erick while Kuya Oscar accompanied another group.

Kuya Lando dropped us off to the entry point to the Big Falls. It's a basketball ball court come parking lot. I read somewhere that the place is called Banga-an. Few minutes after the start of the trek, we passed by Barangay Pidilisan where we had to pay 10php per head. According to Kuya Erick, they use the 'toll fees' to improve the trail leading to the big falls.

Indeed the downhill trek was easy because of the cemented walkways, though still tiring because the trek going there lasted for about an hour and a half. However, the view of the rice terraces was stunning enough to make us ignore whatever tiredness or other feelings of discomfort we have. 

didn't I tell you it's stunning?

During the whole trek, Kuya Erick was always ahead of us making us stop from time to time to take our pictures.


the trail says fall in line, else fall to the mud

We were also caught off guard with some stolen pictures. Pano, kanya-kanyang hirap na lang? Haha! =))

pag walang offer ng picture, nagco-concentrate kami

I also had my fair share of solo shots. Thanks Kuya Erick!

More of cool things during the trek? Well, I can access Facebook on my mobile phone. Sa Globe, abot ko ang mundo. Teehee.

Globe's newest endorser

Anyway, we also saw this hanging bridge on our way there. I thought this is the way to the falls so when Kuya Erick asked who wants to go first, I volunteered myself only to find out it isn't the way and he's just having fun. Grrr.

ooops, not there

And then finally, the breathtaking 200-feet tall Bomod-Ok falls was right in front of us.

if an hour and a half of trekking would mean seeing this..

We were told to rest for about 15 minutes before taking a dip to avoid hypothermia. Well if taking pictures can qualify as rest, then I can say we listened. 

tamang tambay

After taking the obligatory rest, we moved a little closer to the falls, transferring from boulder to boulder and getting our feet wet. Paa lang talaga, malamig eh! =P

Silina.Apple.Sheena ♥

Then I had my photo shoot in a rock that's almost in the middle of the water. I risked my life twice by simply going there and having my jump shot taken. Anobeee, maipilit lang ang gusto.

brave li'l kid, eh?

Then it was time to leave Bomod-Ok. It was an uphill trek which surprisingly didn't tire me. Feeling ko, kaya ko pang unahan si Kuya Erick! Hahaha! Yabang lang. Just let me go with it, after all I'm sick! :))


can you see who's in my background? =P

There you go. I should be sleeping now, ikr.

**credits go to Silin, Lelai, Jen and Jun's cameras + whoever took the pictures



Sey said...

Yay, nice pictures. I love the falls and your jump shot but what fascinates me is the cave on the post before this. Nice one :)

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

yey.. ang ganda talaga nung place.. and, gusto ko pumunta jan.. babalik kayo? sama ko.. feeling close din :)

if my twitter ka, follow me..

Frankie said...

Nice ang mga pictures mo ah.. Aus a lugar... Can i have there too? FC... LOL!

Anyways nakikiraan lng.... :D

Apple Borbon said...

@sey. thanks! i risked my life for that jump shot. and for that fascinating cave too.

@midnight driver. feeling close talaga dapat? sige, i'll follow you on twitter.

@frankie. thanks for dropping by. visit sagada someday.

Diamond R said...

Gusto kong pumunta din diyan. ang dami ko nag gustong puntahan sa pag uwi ko.

Apple Borbon said...

@diamond R. list down mo para wala ka ma-miss! haha! must-visit talaga ang Sagada. =)