Sunday, March 13, 2011

sagada day2: certified spelunker, atleast for a day

sagada day2: unwitnessed daybreak, shouting out loud and creepy coffins

Yay! My bucket list just got shorter by one again. Goal #12. Go spelunking in Sagada. CHECK!! ^____^

After our sinful lunch at Pinikipikan House, we were ready for our next activity. Well, ready or not wala din naman kaming choice. Bilang sabi ng itinerary, caving naaaa!!

Before the activity started, reminders were given by Kuya Oscar. Then he left us with Kuya Erick, our other guide, as he needed to prepare our caving equipments.

ready? not really :)

We chose to do the cave-to-cave connection, that is from Lumiang to Sumaging Cave. Kuya Erick brought us to Lumiang Burial Cave. Kuya Oscar was preparing our lamps when we arrived.

just before we say hello to darkness

Then we started our suffering, whoops, I mean spelunking. In Lumiang, we were divided in two groups. Sheena, Lelai and Jen were with Kuya Oscar while Silina, Juni and I were with Kuya Erick. Silina and I were lucky to have Jun right behind us, we had a good number of blog-worthy shots. Proof? See below.

picture muna bago stunt

I think we had to go down facing the wall here

While we were on Lumiang Cave, our tour guides kept telling us to not take much pictures there as Sumaging Cave is more picture-worthy. Medyo nakinig naman kame, ulit, medyo lang ah. :)) They also reminded us to save our energy by not laughing too much. Anobeee, hobby kaya namin un. Ayt, Sheena and Silin? Isang tawa naman jaaan.. =))))

Then finally we arrived at a spot where Kuya Oscar initiated to take our group picture. Mabuti naman.

our first group pic we owe to Kuya Oscar

you may not notice it but the rock we're stepping on looks like this
cool, eh?

Comparing Lumiang and Sumaging, the latter is easier as it requires less stunts. Yeah, stunts. We had to use a rope number of times to go down the steep parts of the cave. We also had to crawl and do the 'butt technique' from time to time. Much worse, we had to step on our tour guides' thighs often. Sabi nga ni Kuya Erick, apak sa bakal. Fine! :)

use a rope..


and use the butt technique

Still about our stunts, the most difficult for me was when we had to step on Kuya Oscar's back. We had to give him a signal that we are already in a good position and that's the time he'll lift us up. It didn't stop there as we still had to do a difficult climb with Kuya Erick pulling us from above. Wheeew! And you can see total darkness below. Forever gone ka talaga pag nahulog ka. =p

almost done, onting akyat na lang

this was after we risked our lives

That most difficult part is actually the end of Lumiang Cave, hence the start of Sumaging cave. In the next cave, we saw countless wonderful rock formations. Indeed picture worthy.

go start imagining

stepping on the rice terraces

poor turtle :(

in front of a huge gelatin

Depending on your imagination, you'll see different animals, vegetables, rice terraces and human body parts {the private ones}. Lokong mga tour guide.

rock formations everywhere

slippery? definitely not!

can you see a frog, turtle and some body parts? :P

Another first in Sumaging cave was rappelling. That made me want to try it for real. Maybe my next bucket list can have that.

feel na feel teh??

Anyway, according to Kuya Oscar we started at around 3pm and finished at around 8pm. Fives hours? Not bad. It's also the average according to him. After all, they're not after how fast you'll be able to finish the activity. They're after the safety of everyone.

look who survived

For our dinner, Kuya Lando and Kuya Edgar prepared yummy inihaw for us. Since we had no plates and utensils, we ate in banana leaves using our bare hands. So many different experiences for just a day huh?

burpp! :)

**credits go to Silin, Lelai, Jen and Jun's cameras + whoever took the pictures



Tsina said...

Waaa. Ang gaganda ng pictures na nilagay mo. Inggit ako. Hahaha. Competitive, teh? =p

Yung most difficult for you, dun nakuha yung Sadako pic ko. Hehehe.

Apple Borbon said...

hahaha! buti na lang ako nka-headband. kundi nagka-sadako shot dn ako. :))