Friday, October 7, 2011

clip of the day: sign seeker

Bumped into this while turning the triple W upside down again. :D

Just so you know, i'm on a 3-day vacation leave and I have all the right in the world para magpuyat. Hahaha! I'll see you in the morning, my dear pimples. {*knocks on wood}

Anyway, Nestle is celebrating their 100th year in the Philippines and they have this Kasambuhay, Habambuhay Short Film Anthology. Check out this link for the list of their titles. I only got to see the last one which is, from the title of my post, Sign Seeker.

At hindi naman masyadong obvious na na-appreciate ko siya kasi I'm blogging about it right at this very moment. Go watcheet. It's entertaining.   ;) ♥

And just like everyone else who saw this short film, I was haunted by the song too. It's Waiting for a Sign by Armi Millare of Up Dharma Down. The full version of the song isn't released yet because apparently, according to the chismax I read, Nestle owns it daw.  So for the meantime, give this short version a listen. You'll love it too.

Uuuyy.. uulit-ulitin nyaaa. :P



Sey said...

hay, maganda nga yung Nestle short films. I watched them all when ABS-CBN aired them. Ang galing nga nung sign seeker. Nothing is really impossible.

Apple Borbon said...

yun lang napanood ko eh. reminds me of the movie serendipity. :)