Wednesday, October 12, 2011 ♥

Supposedly, my task for today is to take an online work related training as part of a certification program. It's been taking the back seat of my 'to do list' for like forever and I already received an email that if my account remained static until mid of October, my enrollment will be cancelled. Are they kidding me? I already worked hard for the other classroom and online trainings of that certification program so I'll never let something dumb like that to happen. But now that I finally decided to turn this day to a boring study day, tadaaaa.. ‎I cannot access their site for some reasons. What's wrong with the world, people?

Having said that, I have nothing else to do but blog. After all, this has always been my refuge. Remember this was created out of being upset with life? Haha! Anyway, enough of the blah-blahs. Let's now get to the point? And what was the point again? :P

Kidding aside, last Sunday we had an awesome family day out. It was Dana's {our youngest pulot-sa-basura sister, hahaha!} birthday celebration. The itinerary - attend mass in Grotto Church, eat at Gerry's Grill SM Fairview and spend the rest of the night at Tom's World. But before anything else, photo-ops first in our now famous yellow-walled living room. 

the family that prays and eats together, stays together ♥

Our first stop was Grotto Church. For reasons unknown, this is Papi's favorite church. We used to regularly attend Sunday mass there when we were younger. As we were walking towards the church, may line pa si Papi, something like "wala na kong hinahabol". So Dana and I ran. Ayun, di kame hinabol. Hahaha!

By the way, Grotto Church is the famous church attacked by hundreds of people during the Lenten season for the 'alay lakad'. Per Bulacan's website, it has an exact replica of the Lourdes Grotto in France and it features a mock hill Calvary where life-size statues depict the passion and death of Jesus Christ. I've seen them once but definitely not during the Lenten season.

the place is park-like, pictures are inevitable {excuses :P}

After our minds and hearts were full with words of God, it was time to make our stomachs full too. Fair tayo dapat sa body organs natin. Hehe.  We headed to SM Fairview and went straight to Gerry's Grill. At first, we thought we ordered too much food as it was overwhelming. But not much to our surprise, we managed to finish everything. Look at Papi making fun of the murdered crispy pata. Our appetites won't back off to anything edible, really.

my dear pig and piglets, frog and froglets

Our last stop was Tom's World, an arcade and amusement center. Basketball, racing, percussion, indiana jones and baby's palo-palo. I think I'm getting addicted to that percussion thing. My not-so-secret dream is to learn how to play the drums. Lord, kelan po kaya {pasimpleng hiling, bow}?  

where everyone is a child at heart

We headed home when we realized that the oldies {shhh, don't tell them} were getting tired already. Another awesome day in the history of our awesome lives. Haha! :P

And most important of all, for days like this, never forget to drop Him lines of gratitude. ♥ :)

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Aiza said...

Amen to that sis. :) Bonding with the family makes you realize the you really are blessed. God bless you and your family more. :)

Sey said...

You have a great family. Spending time together will make the bond stronger than before.

But why do people always say "Bunso are pulot sa basura?" hmmmp! hahaha, bunso ako eh!

Anonymous said...

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Apple Borbon said...

@miss chievous. thank you. wish everyone feels the same way about their families.

@sey. haha! don't worry you're not pulot sa basura. ;)

@ritchelle. thank you. i'll check that one out.

MACY said...

looks like you're really close with your family. that makes life happier. and bonding with them on arcades, the best yun!this post makes me miss our family bondings. thanks for sharing!