Friday, October 7, 2011

the magic of hydrotherapy and friendship

Yep, this is my almost overdue Ace Water Spa experience. Went there last September 17 with teh Beth and teh Pholet. If you've been wasting your time here for quite some time now, bet you already know that they're my officemates turned real life friends. Haha! Alam nyo naman sa mundo ng showbiz, mahirap makahanap ng totoong kaibigan. Charot! Though sadly, sumakibaling channel na si teh Pholet, we still manage to keep the friendship.  We even have Bora plans this November. Kung drawing man kame, only time can tell. :D

Personally, I was never a fan of massage, spa and the likes. I prefer spending my hard earned moolah on shopping and lately, as  much as I hate to admit it, eating. ;) It just so happened that the three of us use BDJ planner and one of their coupon offers buy one take one on Ace's 4-hour hydrotherapy massage. The said massage is worth 550php. Beth and I shared one coupon and Pholet shared hers with her sister, Donna. That's a relaxing and worry-free 4 hours of your life for just 275php. Great deal, eh? But Pholet had to pay for another full amount as we were with their mom as well.

We opted to visit their newly opened branch in Pasig. Their first branch by the way is in Quezon City. The details on their website are mostly for the QC branch so I had to call them first to ask for Pasig's info. Details below. No need for reservations.

Quezon City
399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.)

SFDM, Quezon City
(02) 367.8040 to 41; (02) 367.8061 to 62; (02) 415.0164

United Street cor Brixton Street (near Pioneer)
Pasig City
(02) 451.1111

this is basically how the massage pool looks like

As for their facilities, both branches offer the same more or less. They're categorized as kid's area, soft massages, moderate massages, hard massages, hot herbal pools and lastly steam, sauna and pools.

Kid's Area 
1. Kids Pool – a specially designed pool ideal for small kids. Play hide and seek in the mushroom falls as you get hit by a big water gun. 
2. Floor Fountain – try “walking” on water as you enjoy the fountain. 
3. Bucket Splash – cool down in this exciting “pull the string” surprise! 
4. Lazy River – enjoy floating around in the current that goes the entire pool while bonding with the family.

Personal Note: I enjoyed the Lazy River a lot. Unlike in the picture, what they have in Pasig are floating boards. All you have to do is lie there and let the current do the rest. Basag trip lang yung mga kids na nakakabungo with their boards bilang naghahabulan. Boo!

 Soft Massages 
1. Bubble Bed - lay down comfortably on the designed bubble bed to fully feel the air and bubbles emitted on the surface through small holes as it slightly beats down your back, buttocks and feet.
2. Bubble Pool - this facility effectively massages the temporal pressure points specifically on the back portion of the legs and hip area. 
3. Bubble Massage - this system has an effect of “feel good all over” after bathing as air combined with warm water comes out on holes at the floor surface that massages the body. 
4. Hydro-Acupuncture Bed - it produces the effects of acupuncture that allows a person to enjoy the pricking sensation through the use of high pressure warm water with air coming from the tiny holes within the bed surface. 

Personal Note: Pasig doesn't have Bubble Massage and Hydro-Acupuncture Bed. They do have Bubble Pool and Bubble Beds. The Bubble Pool can accommodate around six people, mostly couples. Mahihiya ka maki-join. :P The bubble pool is the second among my favorites. Oo, may ranking talaga. Haha!

Moderate Massages 
1.Rainfall Acupuncture - It is best enjoyed when lying face down wherein million raindrops with various intensities gently massage every part of the body. 
2. Eight Nozzle Shower - this shower is designed as an alternative way of cooling down after using the hot herbal pools, steam and sauna if you do not want to use the cold pool. 
3. Hydro-Buoyancy Massage - this facility uses a jet driven water from the bottom that creates suppleness to build a floating sensation especially when combined with breathing exercises. 
4. Buttocks Massage - while sitting comfortably, water pressure gushes out on the surface which hits and rubs down the buttocks. 
5. Jet Chair -in a sitting position, water pressure gushes out directly towards the meridian points of the body to eliminate stress and at the same time loosens up tight muscles. 
6. Jet Chair with Foot Massage -in a sitting position, water pressure gushes out directly towards the meridian points of the body while simultaneously receiving foot massage. 

Personal Note: The Rainfall Acupuncture got the top spot in my favorite massage list. :P  Dapa ka lang dun all you want {though every massage has its suggested time as seen in their instruction boards, who cares really?} and let your worries slip away. I also loved the Jet Chair with Foot Massage.

Hard Massages 
1. Head & Shoulder Massage - The water coming from the equipment strongly hits the upper portion of the body. 
2. Water Falls - the surging water from the falls strikes in all parts of the body largely on the upper portion. 
3. Multi-point Massage - the surrounding wall towers with water nozzles injects variety of water pressure that massage different parts of the body. 
4. Chest Jet Massage - this System is best relished in a squatting position to fully feel the water pressure that strikes directly towards your chest. 
5. Waist Jet Massage - this system uses high and low water jet nozzles that produces strong water pressure. 
6. Upper Body Jet Massage - rigid water pours down from the elevated jets rubbing down the upper parts of the body. This Massage system is NOT RECOMMENDED for those with osteoporosis. 
7. High Pressure Massage - this system uses high and low water jet nozzles that produces strong water pressure.

Personal Note: Can I just say I hate these massages? Hahaha! The pressure can literally take off your bikini top, especially with Chest and Waist Jet Massage. I had to hold my top the whole time since these two massages were torturing me. :P

Hot Herbal Pools 
1. Mint Pool – has the temperature of 36 C. 
2. Jasmine Pool – will surely make you invigorated while relaxing your muscles, marked at 38 C. 
3. Lavander Pool – is the hottest pool with 40 C as its temperature, while the lavander scent keeps the skin soft and smooth.

Personal Note: Among the Herbal Pools, I enjoyed the Mint Pool the most. Love the scent of the other two but I can't tolerate their super OA high temperature. Feeling ko second degree burn ang aabutin ko. Ang OA ko din noh? Hahaha!

Steam and Sauna 
The Steam and Sauna will remove excess water and fats from the body. As you step outside in this area, the cool and misty natural fog that is sprayed in the area will surely complete this heavenly ambiance.
Cold Pool 
This is the fastest way to cool down after using the hot herbal pools, steam or sauna. Contrast Therapy Plunge is a special hydrotherapy experience wherein an alternate plunging into the hot herbal pools and cool pool takes place. Why do you need to do this? Click here.
Lapping Pool 
Approximately 25m 4-lanes swimming pool is ideal for swimmers and soon-to-be swimmers to practice their “winning” strokes.

Personal Note: If only I realized early on that I'm getting fat, I could have stayed in the steam and sauna forever. Haynakooo, take away my excess fats.


We only stayed there for about three hours as we were dying of hunger already. They have snack bars {or was that a resto?} but you are not allowed to have breaks during the 4-hour massage. We opted to eat somewhere else before heading home. :D

Some other notes: 
* Cameras are not allowed within the pool vicinity, obviously, as everything I posted were only taken from their site.
* They are strict with proper attire. Swimsuits or anything spandex for the ladies. Trunks and cycling shorts for the gents. Boardshorts not allowed.
* Free use of lockers plus you can take the keys with you. Wear them as a bracelet or hide them in the towel rack. Shhh.
* You can not bring food and drinks. Unless you offer them a million for corkage. Chos lang. :P

in front of the coffee lounge
Beth.Apple.Pholet's mom.Donna.Pholet

happy, stress free souls
at least for three hours :D

**pictures and description of their massages were taken from their site.
**credits to pholet and bebe glam for the last three photos. ♥



anney said...

Tagal na din namin balak mag Ace Water spa pero hanggang ngayun di pa rin kami natutuloy. Ako namn mahilig sa massages pero di ko gusto ang hard. lol!

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Oh wow! That looks cool!

Unknown said...

My mom, my sis and I have been planning to go there. The reason we are holding back is really funny. We know that wearing bathing suit is essential, otherwise you cannot dip into their pools right? Being not on the sexy side made us hesitate to go there.We are not brave enough to parade on our swimsuits in a very public place.. Haha.. But one day I’m sure the massage will lure us in. This is a really nice post. I’m glad you had fun. I love massage and I miss it. The last time I went for massage was with jed when was still here.

Unknown said...

so nice of you! :D

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

we planned of visiting them or a similar place last year pero kinulang sa oras. inggit naman ako, parang ang sarap at saya =)
Maybe next time =)

Apple Borbon said...

@anney. naku, ituloy nyo yan. it's worth a try. :)

@jodie-ann. thanks!

@mayen. you just have to wear anything spandex. i guess cycling shorts will do even for the ladies. And more thing, you have nothing to be conscious about. I'm sure kering-keri mo. ;)

@ faiell ho. thanks for visiting.

@kristeta. yep, include it in your itinerary next time. it's fun and extraordinary.

Anonymous said...

Available din lahat yan sa may qc?

Apple Borbon said...

yup! they have basically the same facilities. :)