Sunday, January 2, 2011

how to survive your tree top adventure

How to get to Tree Top Adventure {and pretend you're street smart while at it}

1. Get to Victory Liner Terminal in Cubao. Ride a cab or a bus since it's in EDSA. We prefer the latter. We all want budget travel, right? You can checkout their schedules from their site.

2. Ride a bus bound to Olongapo. But first things first, get your tickets. You'll have sure seats this way. Wait for the bus number indicated in the ticket. Follow assigned seats. Chance passengers are only allowed to ride the bus few minutes before leaving. Fare is 220 plus 5 pesos for the insurance thing. Travel time is from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the traffic.

3. Drop off point is at Winstar Terminal. Not sure if this is the case always. I read in another blog that they were dropped at Victory Liner's terminal.

Winstar Terminal

4. From Winstar Terminal, ride a Mini-bus. Signboard says Airport, Cubi, Crown Peak, Jest Camp.  Tell the driver to drop you off at Tree Top Adventure. You can remind him when you see signages already. Take note that to where you're actually going down, there's no signage or poster whatever. You'll hardly notice you should be going down already. Fare is 13 pesos, travel time is 3o minutes. No traffic.

make sure signboard has Jest Camp

drop off point
go down the stairs near the trash bag ;)

How to begin your Tree Top Adventure {instructions are all over the place but then again}

five easy steps
only if you're there early
5. Proceed to the Briefing Area. A tour guide will explain to you the activities and packages they offer. Some reminders will also be given. Like those with heart problems are not allowed to do the activities, but those with broken hearts may get away with it. Toinks kuyang tour guide, are we suppose to laugh? Hehe. =)

the activities

6. Choose a package. Note that their site is no longer updated. We were supposed to choose Package F from their site because it includes all activities but they actually have Package H pala. And yes, we chose Package H. Why not make the most out of our road trip? It's worth 1,12o pesos. Pretty expensive but the experience is worth it.

their packages

7. Pay at the cashier, get your tickets then sign the waiver. At this point, you are ready to begin your adventure.

at the cashier

signing the waiver
oo, busy ako :P

How to make the most out of your Tree Top Adventure {the apple and tin way}

7. Begin with Canopy Ride. Take as many pictures as you can because it is only with this ride and trekking that taking pictures will be easy. Believe me.

Canopy Ride

8. Take Trekking as your next activity. It only has four schedules within the day so make it a priority. If I'm not mistaken {which I hope I'm not} schedules are at 1o am, 12 pm, 2 pm and 4pm. We were there early so we were able to take the 1oam schedule. Trekking part is in no way challenging. I enjoyed the basic survival training though.
not paying attention oh

good job kuya Jun!

water from the bamboo vine

9. Don't forget to take your lunch. You may opt to bring a packed lunch or buy something from the fast food chains in Manila because their meals and snacks are too expensive. And definitely not worth their prices. We ordered grilled liempo at 17o pesos and it's BORING. :(

our boring lunch :(

their menu

10. After lunch, you may take Silver Surf as your next activity. From this point, remember to be extra nice to the kuyang guides. You'll be needing them to take your pictures. Haha! User much? But they're way too nice, some of them would even volunteer to take your pictures.

Silver Surf

11. Next is Interactive Free Fall. Silver Surf, Interactive Free Fall and Superman Ride are within the same area so it's wise to take them consecutively. This ride just takes you up and drops you down like it makes them happy as you scream for your life. Haha! Galit?

Interactive Free Fall

12. Last within the area is the Superman Ride. Per kuyang guide during the briefing, this is the most famous activity. Famous indeed, ang haba ng pila. This turned out to be my favorite, pero bitin. 

Superman Ride

13. And last but not the least, the Tree Drop Adventure. We made it last because {aside from the fact that we were scared} we were fussing about how the hell are we going to take pictures there. They will hang you from a 6o-foot tree facing down and when they let go of you, in seconds you have landed. Ironically, the kuyang guides there are the most accommodating. We had photo-ops with them and they even took pictures of us as we hang and fall. Thank you kuyang guides. =))

photo-op with the super nice kuyas

scared Tin? Haha! =)

How to get your butt out of Tree Top Adventure {yes you can, despite being a little nervous}

14. There is a shed just outside Tree Top. Patiently wait there. Trust me, in time a mini-bus will pass by. Haha! Ride the same Winstar Mini-Bus. Again, fare is 13 pesos. Drop off point is at Winstar Terminal.

medyo one-in-a-million mini bus

15. At Winstar Terminal, ride a yellow jeep to Victory Liner Terminal. Remember to ask where the yellow jeeps are. You still have to walk a little from Winstar Terminal. Remind the jeepney driver to drop you off at the bus terminal. The terminal is at the other side, you have to cross the road. Fare is 7 pesos only being just few minutes away.

yellow jeep to the bus terminal

16. Ride a bus bound to Cubao. Again 22o plus 5 pesos for the insurance. Get your tickets for sure seats. Check your bus number in the ticket and check the available bus bound to where you're going. They can get stupid and ride down another bus number. Bus number in our ticks says 4212 while the bus bound to Cubao is 4112. It pays to be alert.

the bus next to us.. hehe :P

17. From Cubao, figure out how you're gonna get home! Haha! =))

25 before 25 update
Goal # 16. Visit Tree Top Adventure in Subic - CHECK! *smiles wide*



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