Saturday, March 10, 2012

short but sweet ♥

This is going to be a short but sweet post just like the short and sweet birthday celebration my father had last Sunday. ♥ Who would have thought he's 62 already? Looks young, yes? We had studio pictorial just because we missed it, dinner at Max's just because we all have to eat dinner and polo-shopping at Penshoppe just because it feels good buying something for the father. #loveyoubigtimepapi. :*

they had to kill their diets :P

our extended family made it to dinner

before the went to our bellies

our scanned studio pics ♥

Hafta go blog-hopping now. I missed my dearies' blogs already. ;)


Aiza said...

Happy birthday sa papa mo! :) Aww, sweet family. Stay happy.

Unknown said...

happy birthday to your dad... nice family get together in his special day...

anney said...

Happy belated birthday to your papi! Love the wacky studio shots!

Mara Felix said...

Aaaawwe how sweet :) Greet your papa a Happy Birthday for me!!! :)

Kisses! xxx

Apple Borbon said...

thanks everyone. ;)