Sunday, March 4, 2012

camiguin-bukidnon-cdo: itinerary, expenses and some link loving ♥

Hi Sey! Oopsie, I mean hi dear readers. Haha! I take promises seriously so here I am spending half of my day digging my braincells for this post. See how much I love my 80 followers? ;)

But waaaaaiiiitt! Before you even look at my own version of our Mindanao trip itinerary and expenses, disclaimer muna. :D I honestly did not take note of how our trip went on hour by hour. At one point I thought I can't do this post anymore because a month has passed and I already forgot the details of our trip - time we woke up, slept, had lunch etc. etc. Then a light bulb moment happened! Yung tipong may *ting* sound effects pa.  Haha! I suddenly remember pictures have timestamp. So the rest is history, alam nyo na pano ako nagcome-up sa IT ko. I feel so bright. Hahaha! :)))

As for the expenses, I listed them down but I accidentally deleted the note from my phone. Matalino man ang mantsing, minsan tanga din. Haha! To the rescue are my travel buddies and the receipts I kept. Buti na lang basurera ako.  At thank you sa travel buddies ko.

And this is where my disclaimer ends. Go take a look at our Itinerary. I hope you guys get something from it. Enjoy your Camiguin-Bukidnon-CDO trip. Higit sa lahat, wag kalimutan ang pasalubong ko. ;)

There's moooore! If you missed my Mindanao series, I'm listing down the links here. Go read 'em. 

Got to go! I'm finalizing my goals for 2012. Boo! I know it's March already. :P

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Unknown said...

wow, adventure and trip in different places is so much fun. interesting to know that you went tour in camiguin island. dyan ako pinanganak at lumaki so proud, char and sa bukidnon doon ako nag-tapus nang school bukidnon state university...At sa CDO naman pupunta lang kami pag-may special holiday para shopping. nice to meet you here. ingat kayo palagi...

Sey said...

Thanks Apple, hahaha, sorry for bringing turmoil to your brain cells. gusto ko tumambling kasi piangbigyan mo ko in posting the itineray and the budget. Thanks to your buddies. natawa ako dun sa rebook fee, expensive travel to date. Hahaha!

Tsina said...

Butcher's Best Barbecue, teh! :)

Unknown said...

Wow this is really helpful. I have to keep this as reference.. I cannot think of other blogger who can do thi but you.. Gala ka eh..

Apple Borbon said...

@lovely pettit mom. thank you. nice meeting you here too. :P

@sey. ay, expensive talaga. haha! thank you for inspiring me for this post btw. haha!

@tsina. thanks teh! kahit di mo kasi ako nireplyan.

@mayen. thanks so much. nako, madami pang better travel bloggers out there. hihi.

Bee said...

Hi Apple, From Balingoan port (day 2) paano kayo pumunta ng Victoria Suites? TIA!

Apple Borbon said...

@bee. sorry. i wish i saw your comment agad. anyway, from balingoan sinundo ulit kame nung van na naghatid sa min dun in day1. sya yung contact namin for cdo tour. hope this still helps. :)