Sunday, March 11, 2012

some leftovers and new goals for 2012

Remember my 25 before 25 project? Yes, the one I failed to complete. :D It's a little humiliating but you know what, I honestly did not feel so bad about not completing it. I know somehow it still served its purpose - to give me a sense of direction when quarter life crisis started to hit me. Though I wasn't able to finish it, I still felt it was an accomplishment. It was the year I started to travel, to climb mountains, to run a race, to rekindle relationship with friends and most of all to feel good about myself again.

So now, here I am again challenging myself with another project. Let's just name this "2012 Goals" because it's way too late to make this my 26 before 26 project because in a matter of four months I'll be turning 26 already. I'll be including left-overs from my previous project because after all, they are still the things I'm dying to accomplish. You ready now? Read on.. 

The leftovers first.. 
.. from my September 2010 blog post of course.

1. Learn how to ride a bike
I sometimes wonder if this will forever be a dream.

the night I tried and failed :'(

2. Learn how to swim
And this one too. I hope not. 2012 has got to be nicer to me.

3. Have emergency funds
I joined our company's savings association and now I have my little emergency fund - so little I can't tick this off just yet. Also to remind me that I should not withdraw my money or whatsoever, this item is staying in my bucket list until I'm a bajillionaire. Bwahaha. :))

4. Experiment with my hair color
Here's the story. I've been sporting dead rebonded hair for as long as I can remember and I cannot just dye my hair or they'll be double dead. Haha! This March, I swear I'm going to seek for some expert's advice and finally tick this off my list.

5. Join volunteer works
Someday I'll be brave enough to go to a volunteer work alone. There's no one I can drag these days.

6. Be street smart
For heaven's sake, I should start ditching the cab.

Now let's proceed to my new goals..

7. Start a business
I've been wanting to have my online shop but it's only last month that I got to throw myself to it. I'm still on the process of inviting friends but Facebook is acting like a biatch blocking and suspending me from doing so. 

8. Be promoted
This is a goal for March 2012 supposedly but it was given to me September of last year. Such a  sweet surprise my dear company. You really making me stay? Haha!

9. Earn another certification
We all want to make the best of our stay, don't we? I'm halfway through. Can you cross your fingers for me?

10. Whitewater rafting adventure
If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll now I am so done with this. Bleh! Check out my rafting adventure here and some more details here. ;)

11. Surf in Calaguas
I was once invited to Calaguas but for some reasons I declined. At the back of my mind, I know I'm going there too. Someday soon.

grabbed from Pang :)

12. Visit Boracay
Just for the heck of it, really. Because Boracay is Boracay, if you know what I mean.

13. Buy dearself a digicam
I have one but it's old already. Hay nako, the problem with gadgets. I'm thinking of getting a Lumix GF3 in pink. Watchathink?

me wants this baaaadd

14. Stare Down a Tiger and
15. Swim with a Dolphin
In other words, visit Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Safari. I've been to Treetop Adventure, so just to complete the Subic trio. Seahorse tours offer this package for 2900. Expeeeensive. :P

16. Hike Mt. Pinatubo
Just how cool is that to swim in a volcano's crater? Check this post out! 

17. Try Wallclimbing
Though I doubt if my short limbs can make it to the top. Hell I care, i just have to try. Sabi nga ng Globe, go lang ng go. Haha!

18. Play paintball
I have La Mesa Eco Park in mind for both wall climbing and paintball. I watched wall climbing vids in Youtube already. This bucket list thing is making me excited.

19. Luxurious infinity pool experience
I can either lose all my wealth to Acuatico Resort or be content with Pamarta Bali. Paging Tsina, I know you want this too. ;)

grabbed from Pamarta Bali's page

20. Love my job, else.. leave it.
Ooopps, I can't believe I just said that {or typed, whatever}. Haha! I'm starting to lean towards the door but I decided to give my soon-to-be new role a try. Let's see how it can make me stay. You better make me happy, my dear company. :P

There you gooo.. Leaving this at 20 for now. Anyway, I can add as many as I want anytime and endure the humiliation of failing. Hahaha! But in fairness to this bucket list thing, now I can feel a sense of direction again. Why do I need to document things down to get started? Tell meeee. ♥


Aiza said...

I love lists, too! And there's no better feeling than striking out a goal. =) Good luck, apple!

Unknown said...

you will get it. Just work step by step... take care

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

wow. we are both non-swimmers, if there is such a word as that. haha.

and i learned to ride a bike when i was in grade 6. before that happened, however, i got so many bruises and had shed a bucketful of tears. so i think you have to try harder ate before learning the craft. ehehe ^_^ aja!

Unknown said...

awww.. ang dami.. well good luck sa lahat. I'm sure someday makukumpleto mo din yan. You don't need to do everything this year... pede mo naman lagi extend.. hehe.. Good luck sweetie..

Sey said...

You can drag me on that volunteer work. Just let me know. I'm serious. And I'm LOL while reading that double dead rebonded hair. You really know how to make me laugh. Good luck with the bike.

Fingers crossed on the certification. Good luck again. And the camera, it's do darn gorgeous, go get it.

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

I love making lists and the satisfaction that it gives when I've accomplished what's on it.
Fab list you have there, definitely living life to the fullest - as well all should. Good luck Apple =)

mars said...

That happiness that simple accomplishments bring! Hope na maconquer mo lahat ng nasa list mo. And biking is also in my to-do list, I wish I can do it this year. Yay. Goodluck on your endeavors dear!

Milady said...

Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

pang said...

bat acuatico pa? nde mo nalang try un infinity pool ng Pearl Farm. Maganda dun. abangan mo post ko.

Pa book ka ng Bali sa May dali!!! andun ako :p

Apple Borbon said...

@ms c. thanks. goodluck on your list too.

@lovely pettit mom. thank you. i hope so.

@orange pulps. i promise to try harder. ;)

@mayen. thanks. oo nga, extend lang ng extend. hihi.

@sey. sure. let's do some volunteer work soon. :D

Apple Borbon said...

@kristeta. yeah, everyone should really enjoy life to the fullest.

@mars. thank you. goodluck to you too.

@milady. thanks for dropping by.

@pang. nangengelam ng bucket list? haha! gooo.. ipost mo na. :P