Saturday, May 28, 2011

come rain or shine

Please welcome me back as I continue my series of summer-ish posts. xD Last May 8, we had our project summer outing at Virgin Beach Resort, Laiya, San Juan Batangas. It's exactly the week storm 'Bebeng' was here so it was raining almost non-stop that day. I was honestly pissed off because 1) I am a part of the organizing team and I was worried all our efforts to make it happen would go to waste. 2) Who would ever want a rainy summer outing, after all {member or not of the organizing team}?

As planned, the participants will be given 30 minutes to rest or freshen up and then we will proceed with the games. Obviously, what was intended to happen never did. We opted to let them stay in the dining parasols as we waited for our lunch. Some still chose to brave the rain, which by the way isn't so hard at that time, and went swimming. Personally, I chose to stay in our shelter.

me and my sister having the time of our lives in the cottage
and please don't mention our matching outfits

We requested for our lunch to be served early since most of us had nothing else to do but try to get ourselves out of boredom in the parasols.

On the brighter side, what was supposed to be just 'packed lunch' became a buffet. They didn't bother to explain why. But yeah, Virgin Beach, thanks a lot!

buuurrppp! :P

Heavens must have felt pity on us and soon the heavy rain turned into drizzle. In a moment, we found ourselves enjoying Laiya's big waves. What made the whole trip fun were those waves, actually. Everyone was acting silly playing with them.

While most of the time we'd ride the waves and let them bring us back to the shore, I experimented a bit and tried jumping over them. One time I made a mistake of jumping too early and I landed the water the exact moment the wave has come. Nagpagulong-gulong ako literally. And I have paparazzi shots to support my story. 

'twas a lot of work washing off the sand from my hair :|

Of course, there's no way we'd miss the 'pictorial' part of every trip. The credit goes to teh Pholet and her Bebe Glam {camera with a name, yet again}.

with my sis and teh Pholet's sis, Donna

Day trips btw is from 8am to 5pm only. So at around 5pm, we were ready to leave the place. Our official photographer, Jabey was finally in action to take our obligatory group shots.

my immediate team, ku-yu-ey

the entire project

I'd say the summer outing wasn't an epic success, but it's not a total mess either. Some efforts may have been wasted {planning for games and all} but still we had fun and I guess that matters the most.

Now who's looking forward to next year's summer outing?

Virgin Beach Resort
Day Tour Package, Inclusive of Lunch
Adults .................. P 850.00/day
Kids (2-10 years old). .. P 525.00/day
Dining Parasol .......... P 1350.00/day (capacity of 12, max 15, extra person, P130.00)



Unknown said...

Your post made me feel how boring my summer was. I just had one resort trip. I was consumed by work. hayz.inggit much lang.

THank God you guys manage to have fun despite the destruction (rain). Another 2 piece outfit. now I'm really jealous. :)

stay pretty and sexy apple. :)

Hercy said...

Jealous! I've ever been to the beach this entire summer and now I feel like such a loser T__T

Rah said...

great friends - check. Sand and beach - check. The only kulang is the sun. Sarap pa naman siguro mag sun bathing.

Ar-Ar Malalis said...

Ooohhh.. Th beach is my close friend! Hahaha and... your sister is cute!

Vintot said...

wow! may white sand pala sa batangas, ganda :)

MD said...

aha.. mukhang maganda.. kaya lang, expensive. LOl.. ako na kuripot!

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Aw I'm jealous XD

Apple Borbon said...

@mayen. thanks mayen! you never fail to make me feel good. i miss reading your blog. now, i'm the one consumed by work.

@hercy. don't feel bad. i'm pretty sure you enjoyed your summer even not by hitting the beach. ;)

@rah. okay lang wala ang sun. hindi masyadong nangitim. :D

@ar-ar. thanks! i'll let her know.

@vin. yep! white sand sa laiya. sa bandang nasugbu ang hindi.

@md. kuripot much! teambuilding budget naman yun. :))

@jodie-ann. sorry. hope you're having a blast too. :D