Friday, April 12, 2013

little ones and sunday dresses

Let me tell you something. I am not the nicest person you'll ever meet. I bet those who know me personally would agree. I can be annoyingly snob and ill-tempered. Most of the time I don't give a shit - for other people's drama, shallow thinking, etc. I am more of the rational side - in accordance with reasoning and practicality, not so much of emotions. A friend once said pusong bato daw ako. Another made it worse by saying it's not even bato, it should be asero {steel}. Weh? Another instance would be when I was told I can sell my heart and tag it as "brand new".  I objected though. I said it's just "slightly used". But whatever, my point is that no matter how cold or strong I seem, there's still something that can melt my heart: KIDS! ♥

Now that I am a bum, I carry out my auntie duties with flying colors. The little kid in the photo below is with me almost everyday. She wakes me up in the morning and she stays with me until she has to sleep at night. We play bahay-bahay, tagu-taguan, lutu-lutuan at kung anu ano pang paulit-ulit. :P We also sing, dance and play dress up. She can be a princess, fairy, ballet dancer, swimmer and just like in the photo below, a Chinese kiddo.

Faye as our binondo girl ♥

We also visited the latest additions to our growing family - Prince Kyle and Princess Danerose. And no, they're not twins. They were born a month apart by my equally beautiful cousins. Wish they grow faster so I can play with them already. I'm afraid to play with babies, they're sooo fragile. Alam nyo naman ang lola nyo, medyo maharot. :P

Prince Kyle ♥

Princess Danerose ♥

On a totally unrelated note, here's an OOTD with the sister wearing what we refer to as Sunday dresses. It was the same day we played dress up with Faye so the photos fell on a single Facebook album. The OC in me decided to share them here together too. Hope you like them!! 

Sunday dresses 'cause we're so girly

Hafta go malling now! Blog hopping will follow later in the day, okay? :)


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